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Why Your Ads Need To Focus On Selling Your Brand

Why Your Ads Need To Focus On Selling Your Brand

Modern consumers are always in an investigative mindset. They are mobile and online and continually searching for inspiration and information. Also, they do not restrict themselves to a single avenue to source this information and will visit various platforms and use multiple channels to find the information they seek.

From online and in-store to in-apps, modern shoppers aren’t happy with just having access to various products and services at their fingertips. They won’t just buy a product because it’s a known brand. They will dig a little deeper into the businesses they are interacting with, read reviews and more, before making a purchase decision.

What this means for marketers is that they can’t just push their product or services through traditional ad campaigns and hope for conversions. They need to do more than that to encourage engagement with their brand and company right through the customer journey.

So when you are designing and developing ad campaigns, you need to be sure that your ads sell not just your product, but your brand as well.

Why You Need to Focus on your Brand in Your Ad Campaigns

1. Brand storytelling inspires audiences to imagine wonderful things

You must put your product in context while creating ads. For example, if you are selling a surfboard, you need to do more than feature various surfboards and their specifications in your ad. So, if you display these products in a background that has the sun, surf and sand, it makes them more than just regular sports gear. Consumers will start looking at the product as an essential part of the fun at the beach, and that image your ad creates in their mind will help you reinforce your branding.

2. Blend brand assets and product recommendations to get consumers interested in all your product offerings

If you are a company that sells sports shoes, it’s necessary to have images of sneakers in different styles and colours, but it’s also essential that you include an image or video of them in action.

3. Interactivity helps to create more memorable branding experiences

If you are creating an ad for a new housing development or even a home rental brand, you must put consumers at the centre to create a unique brand experience. To achieve this objective, you could include a virtual tour of the properties in the ad.

4. Use animation effects to build emotional connections and brand recognition

If you are in the restaurant business and want to create a brand impact, you could consider including offers and coupons in your ads. But that’s not enough. Include an animation where a pair of scissors cuts out a coupon on the screen which has a backdrop of people enjoying a meal with friends. This can help the viewer feel some fondness for the scene, and they also get a sense of the fear of missing out (FOMO) which helps create a better brand impact.

5. Customize the ad experience for your audiences by highlighting specific features of your products or brand

When you are posting ads online, you can add slider or zoom functions that allow viewers to look at the product up close or from a different angle. All that the viewer needs to do is swipe the slider or use the zoom mode to see the other image. This type of customization can pique their interest in your brand and products.

Work with Experienced Digital Marketers

Making these efforts and working with skilled and experienced digital marketing experts can help you create the brand impact you want. Ensure they have experience and knowledge about the industry you operate in so they can create relevant, impactful industry-specific ads.

Also, no advertising campaign is a set-and-forget effort, and you need to have skilled professionals that can make changes, develop new concepts and use new ideas to keep your audiences engaged. This approach will help to create the brand impact you want while keeping it in the limelight.

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