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Up your open rates and avoid the dreaded trash

Think about how much attention you pay to the content you see when scrolling social media compared to the stuff that pops up in your inbox. Email marketing is a powerful tool for any business thatneeds to tap into the power of their database and utilise the direct line of communication with informative, exciting and engaging newsletters or promotions.

Fortunately, not everyone does it well, and their emails end up being dropped straight into the trash. This means that when it’s done right, you can get noticed and build a strong relationship with potential customers, keep in touch with existing ones or win back old clients.

How does email marketing work?

Our team will analyse your target audience and discover the content they love. We’ll then design and produce engaging emails that communicate your brand message and send them to your database.

A great marketing email will have a call to action and lead your customers to either take advantage of a new promotion, visit your website for more information or get in touch with you directly.

Then there’s the geeky side that involves analysing and reacting to the mathematics behind conversions. This allows us to stay ahead of your audience and tweak our strategy so we’re only implementing strategies that get results.

Why should email marketing be a part of your strategy?

Email marketing is one of the few modern strategies that communicates directly with your customers. There’s less chance of your posts being lost in a news feed and more chance of building a relationship that leads to sales.

It’s an affordable option and can be completely customised to your audiences’needs and interests. How much time do you spend each day with your inbox open on your computer? A well-timed email could be just the thing a customer needs to pop up on their screen to remind them of your service and prompt them to get in touch.

We’ll develop an Email Marketing strategy for your business that fits your brands voice, goals and target audience and offers a great ROI.

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