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Is there a Difference Between WOM and Influencer Marketing?
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Is there a Difference Between WOM and Influencer Marketing?

When it comes to marketing that targets modern-day consumers, businesses need to use a mix-and-match of traditional and digital marketing strategies in order to create the impact they desire. Influencer marketing is one such strategy that brings in good results.

It involves getting industry thought leaders and authoritative figures to broadcast your brand message to wider audiences. While you can do some form of direct marketing, influencer marketing helps you build mutually beneficial partnerships with these thought leaders, to promote your brand.

It is a common misconception that influencer marketing is a form of word of mouth marketing. It’s understandable that many confuse one with the other, because both these techniques drive the same results-increase sales figures. But there is a distinct difference between WOM and influencer marketing. Let’s take a look at what these differences are.

Understanding What Influencer Marketing Is

In influencer marketing, you recruit people like famous experts/authors, journalists or even celebrities and well known bloggers within your niche, to propagate your brand. But there are times when brands sometimes recruit individuals that have a very good social following, to be their influencers. These people may not always be able to create the impact you want on your prospective customers.

The idea is to recruit people that would be able to effectively motivate a significant number of people to visit your site and actually make a purchase. Content marketing and social media are two key aspects of influencer marketing. You are leveraging influencer presence and following on social media to achieve your business goals.

You need to create valuable and engaging content that the influencers would popularise by spreading it through their channels. In some cases, the influencers might also create the content you need. Field experts can be extremely helpful as influencers because people trust the recommendations they make.

Understanding What WOM Is

Word of Mouth (WOM) depends largely on encouraging your existing and happy customers to forward your cause; build trust amongst their family, friends, acquaintances, social connections, colleagues etc. WOM relies more on sustaining customer excitement. Happy customers are more likely to share their great experience with others.

But word of mouth can take time and you need to be consistent with keeping your customers happy. That’s the only way your brand can reach a larger number of people. However, when handled in the right manner, WOM can be extremely effective in building faith among customers and it works equally well for big and small businesses. You can boost word of mouth through social acknowledgement, level-ups, personalised coupons and rewards.

Which is More Effective?

Business owners also want to know which of these two options is more effective and powerful and can drive more traffic. Influencer marketing, when chosen with care, can drive considerable traffic very quickly. It has immense power and can be particularly beneficial to start-ups and smaller brands that need to create instant acceptance. But running a successful influencer marketing program means you need to offer free products and perks to the influencers.

While Influencer Marketing and WOM use very different approaches in order to achieve the same result, you don’t have to use one or the other. Using both in a prudent and balanced manner can help you develop trust, awareness and gain visibility in the market. Proper planning, consistency and a steady approach can go a long way in boosting brand awareness in yielding good results.

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