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Top 3 Reasons Why a Website Sitemap is a MUST for Your Small Business

Top 3 Reasons Why a Website Sitemap is a MUST for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, we know you have a lot—and we mean a lot—on your plate. So, it only makes sense to prioritise necessities over luxuries as you decide how to spend your time. And, if you’ve decided to make the construction of a business website one of your top priorities, allow us to pause and offer you a standing ovation.

No, seriously. Because having a website is one of the best decisions you can make for your company. Yes, even if you don’t carry online inventory.


Because, in this digital age, consumers expect every business to have an online presence. In fact, most consumers steer clear of businesses that don’t. Having a website makes your business appear more legitimate and it also helps you get your brand in front of potential customers while showcasing what makes your business so very different from the competition.

But designing a website is no small task and, as you construct yours, you may start wondering which components are essential…and which can be omitted to save time.

One such component is a sitemap for your website. You know, the list that’s usually found in the footer of your website page(s) offering shortcuts to certain information. Here’s what our very own site map looks like and it’s found at the bottom of every page on our site:

Let’s say someone has recommended our services to a friend who is interested in our terms and conditions. Although that information is not included in the header at the top of our site pages, a prospective client can head to our site map and find a link to our terms there.

It’s important to note not all site maps are alike. An XML sitemap is a file that informs search engines about the pages on your website. This ensures that search engine bots can find and crawl through your site (sounds creepy, we know) and make sure your page is discoverable.

For today’s blog, however, we’re talking about HTML sitemaps like the example above, and we’re highlighting our top 3 reasons why an HTML sitemap is still a must for any good website.

1. It Keeps You Organised

Sure, your website may be small now but as your company grows so, too, will your site. Unfortunately, that growth can often cause confusion. We liken it to a trip to the shopping mall back in the day. Think about how many times you enlisted the help of the large map of the mall layout because it told you exactly how to get to where you wanted to go from where you were. Your site map does the same thing, helping visitors navigate your website no matter how complex the layout.

2. It Allows Your Business to Be Found Faster

And who doesn’t want that? Because a sitemap allows search engine bots to crawl through your page more efficiently, you are essentially optimising the searchability of your site. The simple act of creating a sitemap can quickly increase the discoverability of and interest in your business…and that is never a bad thing.

3. It Makes Getting Information Easy

Have you ever been stuck in a meeting and found yourself wondering Why am I here? Perhaps you find yourself physically leaning forward toward the speaker—as if the action will help you better glean relevant information—while you stare at a convoluted agenda and try to figure out how to get the information you need.

Your sitemap serves as the agenda for your website, and a good sitemap should be easily understood and well organized, with each link sending visitors to a page of relevant information.

If you are ready to get your website up and running but aren’t sure where to start, we hope you’ll contact us at Digital Canteen for a custom quote. Our team of design pros are experts at crafting a beautifully, well-branded site while also dealing the more “hi-tech”, backend aspects of website design. We’ll consult with you, bringing you through each step of the design process and ensuring you love what your customers will see. The result is a beautifully designed and functional website that works as an excellent platform for your online presence.

Sitemaps aren’t just a convenience—they are an integral part of successful websites, and without one you’re likely to turn potential customers off and send them looking to your competitors for service. So, take the time to create a well-structured and conveniently organized sitemap for your website. The success of your business just might depend on it.

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