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Why Your Website Needs A Sitemap

Why Your Website Needs A Sitemap

When designing a business website or redesigning an existing one, you would want a user-friendly site, optimised for search engines and with intuitive navigation. It needs to be well-organised and straightforward and should provide search engines and users all the information they need about your business.

So, how can you achieve this objective? This is where a sitemap comes into the picture. These come in two different forms- XML form and visual form. Let’s look at what an XML sitemap is. Now, you might wonder why your website needs a sitemap. So let’s look at why your website needs one.

1. It Boosts Your SEO Efforts

When you use a sitemap and submit it to search engines, they get a better understanding of how the site is organised. In turn, this makes it more straightforward for web crawlers to crawl your site. The sitemap helps include SEO information and tells crawlers which content is crucial. It provides information like how often pages on a site are altered and updated. If your site has versions in different languages, the sitemap gives web crawlers this information as well. These aspects help improve the algorithmic correctness of your website.

2. Sitemaps Improve The User-Friendliness Of Your Site

It’s a good idea to create a sitemap before you build your site. This helps in structuring a more user-friendly site. Today online users are very particular about which sites they visit and source information from. They also have plenty of choices. So, if they find that your website is challenging to navigate and not user-friendly, they will move away to a competitor website. This increases your site’s bounce rate, affects sales and SEO. Contrastingly, seamless navigation boosts these aspects.

3. Sitemaps Help Fix Internal Links

When the different pages of a site are linked internally as they should be, it helps web crawlers move through most of your content effortlessly. While that’s a good thing, as a business, you still need to make some extra efforts to ensure that these crawlers can quickly discover all the pages on your site and the valuable information they hold. Regardless of whether you have isolated web pages or correctly linked ones, a sitemap helps to connect all the content cohesively. It means you don’t necessarily have to stress about improving linking on every page of your website.

4. Sitemaps Will Help You Succeed

The strategy for your site and the sitemap work in tandem to improve its functionality. When you have a sitemap, you can ensure that all additions and changes are in line with your goals. If you have a newly established site with hardly any external links, you would need a sitemap to enable crawlers to find your pages.

How To Determine Whether You Need A Sitemap

Google favours sites that have sitemaps, and you would need one:

  • If you have an expansive website with numerous pages. This can make it difficult for web crawlers to locate all the pages, especially if the internal linking isn’t up to the mark.
  • When you have a large amount of archived, poorly-linked content. If the pages on your site don’t reference each other correctly, a sitemap can help ensure that Google overlooks none of your pages.
  • If you have just set up your site and it doesn’t have sufficient external links.

Hire Skilled web Designers

Web crawlers follow various links from one web page to another and that’s how they crawl the web. If you do not have any links, Google may not be able to discover your site at all. As you can see, having a sitemap is essential if you want to establish a solid presence online. But setting one up isn’t a task a novice can handle.

For that, you need the services of skilled web designers who have the expertise to create a detailed map for you. They will ensure that it is designed correctly using the latest tools so that it functions seamlessly.

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