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The Essentials of Email Marketing

The Essentials of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very effective digital marketing tool that business owners use to communicate with existing and prospective customers. When used in a planned manner and in conjunction with various other marketing techniques, email marketing helps in customer retention and improving sales. However, not all email content is able to achieve the business objectives.

Some emails end up being nothing more than an annoyance point for readers which makes them mark the mail as spam. If you find that when you send out emails to customers, you don’t get responses or that the open rates and click rates are dismal, you need to conduct some analysis to identify what’s going wrong.

Some tips

As long as you don’t incessantly spam your subscriber listings, email marketing can prove to be a very effective tool for connecting with directly with your prosects and customers. Here are the essentials of email marketing and some useful tips that will help you build a more effective email marketing strategy:

#1 Build a detailed subscriber list

Building a subscriber list is a lot more than just collating information from your database of existing and prospective customers and then leaving it at that. You need to continuously and consistently add to and update this list. Make it easy for people to subscribe to the list and add the subscription forms to your blog pages etc. Clearly explain what the value of subscribing to your email list and ensure it’s easy to do so.

#2 Communicate in the right manner with your audience

Email marketing is very different from traditional mail. With the former, if you use the right type of content, it will help you engage in conversations with your clients, rather than just bombarding information at them. To this end, you need to use a great, catchy subject line and engaging, tailored content, written in a crisp and clear manner. This approach will encourage the recipients to respond to the email or even share it with people they know. What you write in your email has to encourage the readers to learn more about your products and services and make a purchase.

#3 Personalisation matters

Whenever possible, add some kind of personal element to your newsletters and emails. Most emailing tools allow you to enter certain shortcodes that get replaced with the recipient’s name once the email is sent out. Based on the type of business you have, you can segment the emails to specific segments of your audience. For instance, if you run a business that is involved in different industries, you should consider sending out multiple versions of the email to add a personal touch to it.

#4 Add images to your emails

This may sound like an obvious thing, but a surprisingly large number of people send out emails that look extremely dated. If you have used an engaging title in your mail that has encouraged the recipient to open it, the content should also be interesting; and adding images is one way to do that. In addition, you should format the emails well and can do this by:

  • Using short paragraphs
  • Highlighting keywords and phrases relevant to the readers
  • Using bullet points in the content as that helps people browse the content easily and take in all the vital points.
  • Use images to complement the content in the mail, not replace it

In addition to all these things, make your call to action and links obvious and it’s also important to make it easy for people to unsubscribe. Make sure your emails are mobile-friendly and test the system and emails a few times across all popular mobile devices and the major providers like a Gmail, Yahoo etc.

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