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How Does Email Marketing Boost Your Marketing Efforts?

How Does Email Marketing Boost Your Marketing Efforts?

There are a number of digital marketing techniques that companies use to ensure their website gets the exposure it needs and that their brand stays in the limelight. Online marketing is never about a single type of strategy; it’s always about mixing-and-matching various different strategies to achieve the result you want.

Email marketing is one such technique that digital marketers have been using for years. Despite all the advancements in the marketing digital space, email marketing continues to be a very valid strategy that brings in tangible results. Many business owners have seen first-hand, how incorporating email marketing into their broader marketing strategy has led to a significant increase in traffic and sales.

How email marketing works

Email marketing isn’t a very difficult marketing strategy to understand. Companies create promotion emails as well as newsletters and send them to existing or prospective customers. A lot of care and creativity goes into designing these newsletters and in addition to text content, they could have graphics, images, infographics as well as media such as videos etc.

They may carry information about upcoming sales and events or new product launches etc. At times, these newsletters may not necessarily sell products and services and they may only have some interesting content in them.

This method of marketing is very effective because you are able to communicate directly with your prospective customers. In fact, you can also establish a much closer connection with them by personalising the emails you send to them.

An effective marketing tool

Many business owners wonder whether email marketing is really effective- The simple fact is, it is! Regardless of all the new online marketing strategies that come into the picture, email marketing continues to be very popular. Take a look at why this is an excellent option for a small business:

  • Today, in excess of 90% of people who use the Internet have email id’s and this number is only going to continue growing.
  • Around 78% of all marketing mails reach the personal accounts of prospective customers.
  • A large number of email users spend almost 10-60 minutes each week reading the marketing emails they have received.
  • When customers opt to receive any communication from a company, they choose to receive this communication via email rather than any social media
  • Emails tend to be 40-times more effective in attracting new customers


Aspects to keep in view

No matter which way you look at it, emails are an extremely effective and relevant form of marketing strategy. However, it has to be dealt with in the right manner. The approach has to be methodical and well-planned and it’s important not to overwhelm customers with excessive emails. Though emails are unobtrusive compared to other direct marketing methods like calls etc., it’s important not to choke the customer’s inbox with too many of them.

Email marketing is a very cost-effective way to stay in touch with existing customers and expand your customer base by attracting new ones too. It’s vital that you use this marketing technique in combination with other online marketing efforts such as PPC, social media and various traditional, direct marketing methods.

Consistency counts

When you do this in a consistent manner, and engage with your existing and prospective customers in a more effective way, you will find your profitability increasing. We at Digital Canteen are a full service digital agency that specialises in helping businesses find the right marketing solutions to catapult their growth.

For excellent, customised Local SEO as well as all other types of online marketing strategies, call us at 02-9699-1500. You can also connect with us using this online form.

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