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How To Stay Connected With Your Audiences During The Pandemic
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How To Stay Connected With Your Audiences During The Pandemic

Since the break out of the pandemic, the shopper landscape has changed in significant ways. Very few marketers would have anticipated that something like this would happen. Today, consumers are adapting to various things like self-isolation and quarantine procedures and adapting to other social distancing norms. It means that they are working hard to adjust to the new consumer behaviours.

Some Pointers to Keep In View

While they get used to this change and learn how to navigate the new normal, retailers across various industries would have to do the same. Adjusting marketing strategies has become the need of the hour. Since we live in uncertain times, here are some pointers that will help you navigate these choppy waters and stay connected with your audiences during the pandemic.

1. Notice the Trends

Retailers can do various things to service their clients in the current retail climate as well as to prepare for the months ahead. You must arm yourself with crucial data about purchasing patterns, foot traffic trends and consumer behaviour. These are the key elements to keep in view today. Consumers are curbing their spend on luxury and items that are considered non-essential.

The focus is on cost-cutting and staying away from excesses. This is something you need to keep in view when you are creating any marketing strategies. Even if your service or product does not strictly fall in the “essentials” category, the right kind of positioning can help you connect with customers in a better way. If you have multiple product lines, or various products and services, try to showcase the ones that are more essential today rather than highlight everything all at once.

2. Stay In Touch With Your Loyal Customers

Conduct some analysis of your consumer past visitation behaviour. Use this data to connect with your customers with various offers which are most relevant. For example, you can reach your loyal customers using creative location-based mobile ads which provide information related to product availability, store location and hours and the distance to that particular store. You can add any other timely information which will help them purchase products more conveniently.

3. Create More Targeted Mobile Ad Campaigns

This is another strategy you can use to ensure that your brand is at the top of your customers’ mind. Residential targeting is a good and excellent way to deliver offers and relevant messaging to your consumers’ mobile devices while they are at home. To create a successful local targeting strategy, you would need a CRM or a mailing list. Skilled digital marketers can help you put together this information and data.

4. Focus on Inventory concerns

It isn’t uncommon for consumers today to worry about whether they would still be able to procure the products they want. Many people find that they are unable to get essential items such as canned food products, toilet paper, cough syrup etc. It means that there is an opportunity to find creative ways to tell customers how they can source these products from your online store.

Is also necessary that you keep them informed about which products are available in-store, how they can order easily online and provide various delivery options. It’s also a good idea to offer onsite or curbside pickup functionality if you do not have it already. When you give customers these options, it eases the purchase process for them and the convenience aspect is very important at this time.

5. Attract New Customers

Consumers are making many changes to their approach to shopping. They are trying new products when they find that their favourite ones are unavailable. So a lot of people are visiting new retail channels which means that businesses have an excellent opportunity to target these new customers. Make the best of this situation by building a more positive association with your company and brand.

Make extra efforts to introduce your brand to first-time shoppers of your product. It is a good way to conquer your competitors’ audiences. Let the consumers know that you are stocking various in-demand and essential products. You can also boost consideration by including some offers for first-time customers. When you adopt this approach, it will help to keep your brand at the top of consumers’ minds, especially when they are increasing screen-time daily to stay connected

Shift Your Advertising and Marketing Strategies

Today, most marketers are finding it quite stressful to create meaningful ad campaigns that will target their audiences effectively. Contrastingly, the pandemic situation has created tremendous potential for digital advertising and reaching people through various online channels. It’s rare to find such a large number of people glued to their mobiles phone screen, all at once.

However, because businesses are facing a significant financial crunch, it has been affecting how they market to their consumers. The only way a business can survive this pandemic is by leaning on effective digital marketing strategies. As a retailer, you may have shut your doors; however, make sure that your online systems are functioning correctly and providing consumers with a seamless experience.

There is a massive wave of online shoppers who would traditionally only do all their shopping at brick-and-mortar stores. So keeping your business liquidity flowing is all about getting creative with your advertising efforts. Look at ways in which you can provide more value to your customers as well as the community at large. Some of the things that you can focus on include:

  • Get Creative– Most companies have pre-set social and AD campaigns. There would be specific plans for springtime advertising, outdoor-oriented advertising, and specific ones for holiday celebrations and more. But all that needs to change now, and you have to get creative with how you market to customers.

    You can win today’s digital marketing war only with creativity. The unprecedented pandemic has made it necessary for brands to position themselves in very distinctive ways. Run-of-the-mill seasonal or holiday campaigns will not impress audiences. In fact, in today’s scenario, it can also be looked upon as insensitive, which can impact your brand image.

    While a large number of people are consuming media today, you need to create ad campaigns that resonate with self-isolation. These are the stresses that people are dealing with. If you as a brand can find new ways to market to this huge customer base that is increasingly working out of home, it will help you make a better impact.

    You can use COVID-19 in your campaigns. However, you must make sure that it is not done in poor taste. If consumers feel that you are milking the current situation for quick sales, they will veer away from your business.

    On the other hand, if you show consumers how your business is responding to the pandemic and looking for ways and means to provide consumers value for money, it will be more beneficial to you. They will feel that your business cares about how they serve customers, and that’s a significant aspect of creating the right impression.

  • Showcase Support – This is the time to get creative while showcasing your support for audiences during this trying time. Certain businesses are able to run entire donation machines, but not every business would be able to do that. You don’t need to reshape the way you operate your company during the pandemics.

    However, it will help you if you can showcase your support. Spread awareness for things like social distancing, maintain simplicity in your advertising messages and do not overuse the pandemic situation in any of your campaigns. The goal is to show your consumers that you care.

  • Hire Expert Digital Marketers

    Creating digital and marketing campaigns during the pandemic isn’t an easy task. As you can see, various things need to be kept in view. Consumer sentiments and the overall marketing climate matter a great deal. This is where you need the services of skilled and creative marketing professionals with experience in designing tailored ad campaigns.

    They would be able to take the best approach and make sure that your products/services and business ethics are showcased in the best light. They will also show you how best to market to online audiences during this time as that is where your primary focus should currently be. These professionals will analyse current trends, pull data and tweak campaigns as required to make them more impactful and effective.

    For customized responsive web design services and custom/ template sites, CRM automation, and results-driven digital marketing strategies, call Digital Canteen on 02-9025-4304. Discuss your project details, and we will get your project started as quickly as you want.

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