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4 Social Media Activities You Should Be Doing for Your Business
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4 Social Media Activities You Should Be Doing for Your Business

If you are a regular follower of our blog (thank you!), you may remember our recent post with 4 Easy Steps to Create a Killer Social Media Strategy. In it, we discussed the importance of investing in a solid social media strategy and how surprisingly easy they are to set up.

Today, we’re going to talk about the activities you should be doing through social media to make the most of your presence there. Once again, many of these are ridiculously easy to implement and, more importantly, they can go a long way in helping you build an authentic and lucrative relationship with your followers…and who doesn’t want that? Let’s dive in!

1. Start Curating Your Content

Some people assume their social media presence should be an “all about me/my business” page where they fill their feed with an endless list of posts and images highlighting their business, services, and products.

These people couldn’t be more wrong.

Businesses that focus solely on themselves end up looking gimmicky…like they’re constantly trying to sell themselves. You may be asking, isn’t this the whole point of having social media? And the answer is yes…but how you go about it requires a bit of finesse. Building brand awareness and customer loyalty often translates to increased sales, but the businesses who get this right carefully curate their content, which makes their feed feel less sales driven and more service driven.

The idea of curating content is borrowed from the museum world, where curators carefully select art to appeal to a certain clientele. When it comes to social media, curating your content means moving beyond your business and focusing on your audience—what information that is connected to your business would your followers appreciate seeing in your feed?

Not only will curated content make your feed look more interesting, it shows your audience yours is a business that genuinely cares about its followers and that wants to add value to their lives.

2. Combine the Power of Social Media and Email

Business owners often make the mistake of assuming social media should take the place of email marketing. But just because email marketing is an oldie doesn’t mean it’s not a goodie. These two marketing powerhouses go together like an ice-cold martini and a fresh lemon twist (and, if you’re still uncertain, check out our recent article, 5 Reasons Why Email Marketing in 2021 is Still Relevant).

Use your social media platform to encourage followers to sign up for your email notifications and newsletter. Once again, this isn’t about selling something to followers—we want to give them something for trusting us with their email address—so posts should highlight all the benefits that come from being a subscriber (exclusive discount codes, early access to new products, valuable information like tips and tricks relevant to your industry).

3. Take Advantage of Evergreen Content

We all have content that stays perpetually relevant. It might be a top 10 list of best practices for your industry. Perhaps it’s a moving post explaining the core values of your business. The content you’ve created that stands the test of time and consistently garners high engagement is considered “evergreen”, and you should take advantage of its value.

We should point out that repurposing your evergreen content does not mean you copy a four-year-old post and the corresponding graphic(s) and paste it into today’s feed.

Come now…you’re better than that.

What you can do is use older content that is still relevant and interesting as inspiration for a new post. Update the information in the post and change up the graphic, then add it to your feed.

4. Riff Off of Older High-Performing Content

While this may sound similar to using evergreen content, it is, in truth, decidedly different. With evergreen content, you’re repurposing old content that is still relevant to your business. Here, we’re asking you to scroll through previous posts and review metrics. Which posts garnered the most attention from your audience? What appealed to them? Was it a thought-provoking question you asked? Was it a compassionate post about social justice issues? Was it a particularly stylized image or a graphic with pertinent information?

Dig into the metrics of your posts to review individual engagement metrics like the number of likes, comments, and retweets a post receives. Also pay attention to the post engagement rate to determine if people who saw your post found it interesting.

Once you know the type of post that best speaks to your audience, use it as a framework to create similar posts that should enjoy a similar level of engagement.

And there you have it, four easy to follow social media activities that can help take your social media accounts to the next level. With just a little effort and maintenance your social media pages can build brand awareness and instill in followers a level of trust and loyalty that will make them lifetime customers.

Thanks for reading,
Digital Canteen Team

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