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Link Building in 2022: 4 Reasons Why It’s Beneficial for Your Business
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Link Building in 2022: 4 Reasons Why It’s Beneficial for Your Business

Are you familiar with link building? It’s the process of creating one-way hyperlinks, or backlinks, to a website in order to boost search engine visibility. When executed correctly, link building can have a real and meaningful impact on where your business website falls in Google’s website rankings. In fact, links are one of the top two criteria used by the Google algorithm to rank pages.

But many business owners struggle to earn natural backlinks into their sights. A recent study of over 1 billion website pages conducted by the gurus over at Ahrefs found that over 66% of those pages had zero backlinks, and over 29% had three or less. It should come as no surprise, then, to learn there is a strong correlation between pages with few to no backlinks and pages that get little to no search traffic.

Just in case you still aren’t convinced, we’ve gathered a list of our top 4 reasons why link building is beneficial for your business in 2022. Let’s dive in!

1. Boosts Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Imagine you own a pool supply company and are constantly competing with the other pool company in town for a higher ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo. The number of sites that backlink to information on your website can have a real impact on the SEO ranking of your business. So, if you have several authoritative websites using yours as a source of credible information while your competitor falls in with the majority mentioned earlier who have few to no backlinks to their page, odds are good that your page will outrank the competition.

That being said, it’s important to emphasize that quality counts. It won’t help your pool business to have tons of backlinks coming from irrelevant sources. Imagine if a pool company was constantly including hyperlinks to random businesses like bakeries or garden centers. Odds are, it would make you question the professionalism of the pool business. So, make sure any backlinks you use on your site come from authoritative sources to ensure optimum SEO.

2. Drives More Traffic to Your Site

Generating quality backlinks isn’t a quick fix. It takes time and a commitment to crafting quality content that industry peers want to share. Long-form content tends to rank better than short-form, so take the time to write a few longer, quality, thought pieces. Any images you use should be high-resolution, and infographics should be eye-catching and engaging.
And the easier you make the sharing process, the better off you’ll be, so make sure you’re creating clear CTA’s and share buttons for various social media platforms. The more often your info is shared the more traffic your site will enjoy.

3. Improves Your Street Cred

Ok, ok…perhaps “perceived authority” is a better term than “street cred”…but it just doesn’t sound as cool. Call it what you like, but there’s no question that building links improves the reputation of your business and increases the likelihood that people are going to see you as an expert in your field. If you own a software company, just imagine what a backlink from Apple could do for your business. By creating quality content, you’ll increase the number of quality backlinks you receive which, in turn, makes the traffic driven to your site more likely to link your content to their own page. And the beautiful cycle goes on and on…

4. Generates Revenue

The more links you have, the more traffic is driven to your website. And increased traffic means more people are learning about your business and the products and/or services you offer. And the more that happens, the higher the odds that some of those new visitors will purchase your products and/or services, thereby increasing sales and overall revenue.

It’s especially nice that most of the traffic your site enjoys from backlinks will be from customers who are already in your niche, meaning they are interested in your business and what you have to offer.

And so…

We want to reiterate that link building is a process that requires a significant investment of time, and it often takes anywhere from 3 – 12 months before you’ll reap the fruit of your labor.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it.

If you are interested in improving the SEO of your business but aren’t sure where to start, we hope you’ll contact us at Digital Canteen. We won’t try to sell you a quick fix because we know that really good SEO requires an in-depth audit of your website. Only then can we create a tailored SEO plan that will work for your business.

It may not be the fastest way, but we tend to avoid false promises of instant success that won’t be sustainable. What we will promise you is customised SEO service that will optimise your website so it becomes one of the top choices for your customers.

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