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How Important Is Responsive Design To Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

How Important Is Responsive Design To Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

When it comes to building a digital marketing strategy, there are a number of aspects that have to be kept in view and web design is one of them. Many business owners wonder how web design impacts their marketing plans. Here we take a detailed look at this aspect.

There are numerous reasons why companies spend a significant amount of effort, money and time on excellent website design. With a large number of searches taking place on mobile today, it has also become very important for web design to be mobile responsive. Having a professionally designed, responsive website:

  • Creates a great impression on visitors
  • Users are able to easily access all the features of your website via devices of their choice
  • Has a positive impact on SEO
  • Will have lower bounce rates

Digital marketing is primarily concerned with promoting your company branding and what you offer. This makes it important to ensure that your website pages are designed with responsive design in view. Google is now focusing on the mobile first concept. This means, websites with a responsive design would be given precedence over other sites, when it comes to search engine rankings. Take a look at how you can use responsive website design to create an impactful digital marketing strategy.

The Brand Building Aspect

Building a robust online brand is a lot about ensuring that you hire skilled and creative professionals to design your website. This is because users will immediately notice technical glitches if your website doesn’t function seamlessly on their devices. Some of the aspects to keep in view while building a great website include:

  • Relevant theme that syncs with your brand
  • Good layouts
  • Easy navigation
  • Fast loading speeds
  • Good colour composition and font choices
  • Include images, infographics and videos related to your business
  • Engaging and relevant content

Regardless of how expansive or basic your website is, make sure it resonates with your brand. Mobile compatibility is the one factor you need to keep in view at all times. Check whether your website loads seamlessly and displays perfectly via various devices.

User Experience Matters a Lot

Planning an effective digital marketing strategy is a lot about keeping user experience in view at all times. Some things to keep in view include:

  • It’s likely that there will be multiple clicks on your company’s URL simultaneously via different users. This makes it very important to ensure that your site is designed to accommodate all these clicks.
  • The loading speed of the site should not slowdown in any way, regardless of the devices being used.
  • Loading time is one of the ranking factors that Google takes into account in its search results. It also why users that have high Internet speeds expect faster loading websites. Make sure that your site doesn’t have unnecessarily large images, widgets or plugins as this impacts customer experience. The videos and images that you embed in your web pages should add value to the content, and not just be flashy additions.
  • When you are placing ads, ensure that you position them either of the top or bottom of the page. If the ads take up large sections of the screen, it makes navigating through the pages very difficult which can impact user experience. Focus on using ads in the simplest possible way or use sliding ads that are relevant to your business and its services or products.

Online Marketing Success

Succeeding in the online space is about creating a consistent brand presence and ensuring that the information you provide your users is easily accessible from various devices. Implementing all these things in your digital marketing strategy isn’t something a novice can handle. Hire the services of web designers and online marketing professionals that have a proven track record in the industry.

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