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4 Reasons Why Mobile Responsiveness is Crucial For Your Website

4 Reasons Why Mobile Responsiveness is Crucial For Your Website

Today, there is a massive increase in the use of various mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones; there is also a proportionate rise in the use of mobile device and people are increasingly using these to look for information, do comparison shopping, purchase products through ecommerce sites, download apps, browse social media etc.

All this simply means that regardless of the industry you are in and the scale of your business, you need to make sure your site is mobile-friendly. That is the only way your prospective customers will be able to browse information, check out your product or service offerings, connect with your company, make purchases etc, via the mobile device of their choice. Here, we have listed 4 reasons why mobile responsiveness is crucial for your website:

#1 There has been a phenomenal rise in mobile usage

As mentioned at the outset, there has been a major boom in mobile usage in Australia as well as across the rest of the world. As per surveys conducted in 2016, eight in ten people in Australia owned smartphones and about 65% of all website traffic comes from various mobile devices.

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly; not only will it impact the impression prospective customers have of your brand, but they will simply move to sites they are able to access via their mobile devices and opt for their products or services. In simple words, if your business website isn’t mobile-friendly, and if prospective customers are unable to easily view your products, you stand to lose out to the competition.

#2 Social media leads to a rise in mobile visitors

Today, in excess of 70% social media consumption occurs via mobile devices. When you have links from various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram or YouTube and more; it means a larger number of people will end up viewing your site. Most companies now have a social marketing strategy in place and when you have a mobile responsive site that helps you leverage sharing content from social media sites.

#3 A responsive site improves your SEO ranking

Google recommends that you should have a responsive website as that will improve your search rankings. This is because a mobile responsive site provides users a much better experience when compared to sites that aren’t mobile responsive. Aside from this, Google also prefers that sites have single URLs instead of having separate versions for web browsing and mobile browsing.
It’s also important to keep in view the fact that smartphones now have independent Google search algorithm. This means, a site that ranks high on a web search need not rank high on mobile. And so, from an SEO perspective it’s important you ensure that you have a mobile responsive site.

#4 A responsive site adapts to varying device sizes

Consumers use mobile devices of varying sizes; this means if you want your site to look good and function well on all devices, regardless of the size, you should invest in a mobile responsive site. This will make sure your site looks great on smartphones and tablets as well as devices such as Google Glass and smart watches and more. This improves the user experience which has a positive impact on your business’ reputation, brand perception and profitability.

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