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How a Small Business Can Benefit By Using Various Social Media Platforms

How a Small Business Can Benefit By Using Various Social Media Platforms

Social media has taken the world by storm and various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn etc. dominate the amount of time that a large percentage of people in Australia spend online. This simply goes to show that even small businesses can use social media to their benefit; it’s an effective and inexpensive way to attract and capture as well as retain new customers.

Aside from this, you can use social media to gauge what the sentiments of new markets are with reference to different services and products; this helps you make necessary changes in your company’s offerings in order to cater to a wider audience. Take a look at how you benefit from using various social media platforms:

#1 Ease of communication & client conversion

Just as you focus on creating an effective and well-designed company website, it is crucial for small businesses to focus more on social media. Market research indicates that almost 75-80% of customers aren’t impressed by businesses that don’t have a social media presence. This is because modern day customers prefer tweeting to emailing; it’s easy and very specific and when you go social, it helps you bring in new business easily and much quicker.

#2 Improved customer relationships

All social media interactions are instant and free and it becomes a great way to interact with a customer base that is almost always online. Not only does it help you to be in sync with your customers and their needs, but helps in customer retention and satisfaction.

#3 Greater visibility

Social media significantly increases your business’ online presence. This translates into a higher number of conversions as a larger number of people get to know about your business and will be inclined to visit your company’s website. Social media becomes a great and inexpensive way to advertise and market your products and offers your business a high ROI.

#4 Gives you a competitive advantage

These platforms also allow you to listen to your audience and find out what their needs are. You can use this information to alter your marketing campaigns and offerings to acquire new customers.

#5 Business leads

Platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter are great for finding new customers and clients. You can start conversations and build communities, have discussions on open forums and understand your market and trends and cater to those needs.

#6 Add the human aspect to your business

The fact is that people don’t buy from brands, but from people. In order to sell effectively you should use social media to give a more human touch to your business as this will help your customers connect with your company in a better way. Today, customers are very demanding and they look for exceptional experiences and interactions with the companies they choose to do business with. And if you are able to give a more personalised touch to your marketing campaign and your interaction with prospective customers, that will help you expand your business reach and gain profits.

While there are a number of benefits to using social media as part of your broader marketing strategy, it’s important to approach it in a planned and methodical manner and to avoid social media marketing pitfalls. You need to identify which platform your current and potential customers frequent and focus your energies on those social media channels. A good online marketing professional would be able to help in this respect and will set up and manage your social media marketing campaigns to ensure maximum benefits.

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