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Avoid These Common Social Media Marketing Pitfalls

Avoid These Common Social Media Marketing Pitfalls

Social Media Marketing or SMM is a very vital aspect of any online marketing strategy, because it has the potential to expand your reach and generate high engagement. Amongst the most notable benefits you get from using SMM efficiently are increased website traffic, brand recognition, influence over your niche as well as insight into consumer behaviour.

There are however, some potholes that you should avoid while using social media marketing. When you use this strategy, you are typically creating a community i.e. – a Twitter account or an FB page; and the messages you post on these platforms reflect very strongly on your brand. However, in order to use SMM successfully, you need to avoid these common social media marketing pitfalls:

#1 Too much hard selling

When people online follow a brand, they do so because they either want to be educated or entertained; they don’t want companies hard-selling anything to them when they are on these social media platforms. It’s important to keep in view that though you can market via these platforms, they are very different from traditional advertising mediums.

And so, if you try to include hardcore sales pitches on social media, that can be a turn off for visitors and they will be more inclined to move out of the brand community or conversation. When you try to sell via this platform, you should do it in a subtle manner. Provide insight and input about your products, and give users a reason to interact with you. Share engaging and relevant content that will eventually lead them to your company’s web page.

#2 Ignoring messages sent by your audiences

Social media platforms allow for quick and easy communication between companies and their customers. And when customers leave comments or complaints, it’s important that you as a company respond to those messages. It often happens that companies set up accounts on various SMM platforms and then fail to respond to readers and customers.

This is one of the worst mistakes you can make when using social media marketing. Consumers view a company’s method of handling issues and complaints via social media, as an indicator of the quality of the brand’s support. Customer service is a very vital component of branding and when you ignore what your customers are saying online, it impacts your brand image significantly. It’s important to allocate some time in your day for visiting your account and answering queries. This will help you build credibility in the eyes of your audience.

#3 Having excessive social media accounts

Another common mistake that many businesses make is that they dip their fingers into every social media jar and feel that it will help them get more exposure. The truth is that it’s far better to conduct a bit of research, identify which platform/s your audiences generally frequent and then focus only on those avenues. Managing these accounts is no mean feat; you need to be consistent with posting content and responding to comments and complaints and this can take up a lot of your time. This is why it’s best to stick to select platforms.

These are just some of the mistakes people make when using SMM as part of their broader marketing strategy. The best way to optimise the benefits of these platforms is to hire professionals like us for the job.

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