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Why Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency Is Better Than In-House Marketers

Why Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency Is Better Than In-House Marketers

There are several benefits of working with a digital marketing agency rather than hiring an in-house marketing team. The digital landscape is continually changing, and many businesses are facing the dilemma of whether to choose a digital marketing agency or not.

The reality today is that many businesses in Sydney and all over the world are opting of agencies over in-house teams. This is a direct result of the overall change in the digital landscape in recent years. The range of digital niches has grown drastically.

But having the means, capability & other aspects in place are required to take full advantage of these tools. Whether you like it or not, it isn’t possible for a person or even a small team to handle various facets of digital marketing and the complexities of these processes are only increasing with every passing day

Digital Marketing Agency Vs. In-House Marketers

To ensure that you don’t have just one perspective, let’s take a look at the pros of both in-house marketers as well as digital marketing agencies:

#1 In-House Marketers

The best part of having an in-house marketing team is that you have complete control over every aspect. You get to determine all creative limitations & set deadlines. It is easy to figure out the creative costs as you have visibility of your employees’ salaries.

Another positive point is that they are easily assessable, and you know what they’re doing, which makes it easy to call them and discuss things when required. Even updates on projects are quicker, as you obtain them by merely visiting their desk.

#2 Digital Marketing Agencies

You may find in-house marketing appealing by looking at these advantages. The benefits of digital marketing agencies can be broken down into two parts:

  • More Skills – Marketing agencies have specialised teams to tackle different tasks across several departments. This gives you easy access to the best creative minds in the field that is relevant to your project. Every member of the staff has a specific position in the area, which gives them practical experience on what works & what doesn’t.

This is because they spend time working in that particular niche, making them 100% committed to the task that has been assigned to them. They are also fully dedicated to networking in a specific area, which allows them to stay relevant & up-to-date.

  • Higher Number of Resources – Being above industry standards is crucial for all digital marketing agencies. Which is why they invest a considerable amount of money in all the latest technologies. Every member of the staff attends the best conferences and workshops that help increase their skills & allows them to deliver excellent service to the clients.

Agencies have much better & expansive networks that help them find mentors & ask questions. This goes a long way in helping them be in-sync with market trends and changes in the digital marketing space.

Additional Information

In any case, several in-house marketers use agencies for support. In a place where there are just too many niches to be skilled in, the role of an in-house marketer is to act as a project manager, rather than someone a company hired to save costs.

Once a trusted relationship has been established with an agency, it allows you to outsource the task. You can tap into the pool of specialists whenever required and are assured of getting the best results. While deciding which option works best for you, it’s important to keep all these aspects in view and then take a concerted decision.

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