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Design Aspects Your Business Website Must Have

Design Aspects Your Business Website Must Have

There has been a significant rise in new elements & unique styles introduced in website design. Adding these new elements in the right proportion at the right places help improve the layout and readability of your site and keep visitors on your webpages for longer. This is turn, helps increase conversions and your bottom line.

Certain features can help improve the way your website appears on mobile devices. It isn’t necessary for you to follow every single trend. However, implementing a few of these will improve the visitor experience. Here are some design aspects that a modern website should have:

#1 Have Unique And Legible Typography

If you are starting on developing a website for your company, opting for a unique and legible font will improve the readability of the content and have a positive impact on visitors. Many designers implement larger fonts, which improves the readability of the content and lends the web pages a crisp and clean look.

Why Is The Right Typography Useful?

Typography is useful because it uses one design trend throughout the website, which leads readers to different informative parts on the page. The typography you select can also give subtle clues about who you are. For example, certain fonts have a very profesional look while others have a casual feel.

If you are a clothing brand that caters to a younger audience, the latter might be a better choice for you. On the other hand, if you are a finance business, your website would need a more formal font. Ensure that the designer considers its application on all browsers and screens. If you choose a font that is not supported by various browsers, it can result in an awkward website display on specific devices.

#2 Broad & Responsive Hero Images

A large number of publishing websites now using large hero images on their website. When you focus on the image and content rather than a CTA, it helps create a much stronger visual experience for customers. Hero images are typically placed in the background of texts and other additional content. Using large photos add an optical element to the website.

#3 Larger Images Of All Products

Several companies have have started displaying larger pictures of all their products on their websites. This is an excellent design idea as it helps highlight all the different parts and features of your products.

#4 Switch To Hamburger Menus

Most websites today have extensive options for menus you can choose from. The best part about this is that the list can take visitors to the place they want to go. However, the downside of having this is that the menu takes up a large portion of the home page’s real estate. Implementing a hamburger menu changes this completely. This menu style was primarily used in web applications but is now being used for web designing as well.

#5 A Semi-Flat Design

Flat design doesn’t give the impression of having three dimensions or shadows. These designs are proven to be much easier for users to grasp. Websites with flat designs also load faster than ones with 3-dimensional images.

#6 Background Videos

Videos that play automatically in the background of websites can have a significant impact on the overall apperance of a webpage. They are mainly used to tell a story and also help reduce the amount of content you need to add to the page significantly. Background videos have a distinct appeal and keep visitors engaged. These video also helps customers get a better understanding of what of your business deals with.

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