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The Biggest Web Design Trends for 2019

The Biggest Web Design Trends for 2019

Over the last decade, the Internet has grown and evolved significantly. Mobile is the reigning monarch and a number of acronyms such as AMP, AI, and VR etc. have emerged. While it’s definitely exciting for all of this new technology to be introduced and used widely, these changes also have an impact on web design trends. There has been a sea change in the way websites are now designed.

Traditional stock photos and grids have been abandoned for bold colour schemes, vibrant illustrations and asymmetrical layouts. Websites have also now become much smarter and have subtle interactions, machine learning as well as hamburger layouts. This means, technology and aesthetics are being used in a balanced manner to create engaging platforms that will attract users and keep them on websites for a longer period of time.

Trends To Keep In View

With the New Year around the bend, here are some of the biggest web design trends for 2019:

#1 Serifs Will Make A Mark

Traditionally, serifs were used for print and sans serifs were for screen. While sans have clean readability and are still the go-to choice for larger chunks of text on websites, many brands are now choosing to use bold serifs for callouts and headers etc. Serifs are great for emphasis as they are specifically designed to be decorative. They have a distinctive character and are extremely versatile as well. Bold strokes, rounded lettering can be used to make a statement in your online content.

#2 Black & White Is In

Colour has a very important role to play in website design. Not only does it help create visual landmarks, guiding users through the interface, but also unifies the brand and cultivates a mood. But the prediction is that in 2019, black and white will take over the web design space. These are extremely powerful colours that can be used to make an impressive statement.

When there is a lack of colour, shapes and textures can be noticed more vividly. Black-and-white creates a very striking look, and can be useful in websites that need a more minimalistic look. Colour can be used to accentuate and intersperse the monochrome which can help calls-to-action and important points stand out.

#3 Organic, Flowing, Natural Shapes

Although webpages are specifically set up for more systematic grids, creative web designers and now turning to smooth lines and flowing, natural shapes. While triangles, rectangles and squares create a sense of stability with their sharp corners, in 2019 the focus will be more on comfort and accessibility. Imperfect, organic shapes that are asymmetrical lend charm to web design and help spotlight different page elements.

#4 Retro Design With A Twist

Retro design has always surfaced with regularity in web design techniques. In 2019 glitch art, a new take on retro design will make a big entry. Glitch art has a psychedelic look and the idea is to use effects like crinkled skin or some other imperfections to create images that are unintentionally striking. The idea of using glitch art is to draw the viewer’s attention to those sections of the website that are double exposed or warped.

Micro-interactions (responses like beeps or small icons flashing when you take some action on an app/website), will be used to create events that are human and inviting. Chimes, scrolling animations and more will all be used in a big way in 2019 web design. You can read more about web design pitfalls and how to avoid them here.

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