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7 Effective Facebook Marketing Tips For 2018

7 Effective Facebook Marketing Tips For 2018

Facebook is an ever-evolving platform; in its infancy, it was more of a place where people shared pet photos. But today it has transformed into a social media mammoth with over 1.79B active users. The platform has changed in a significant way for its users as well as for marketers that use it.

Over the past few years, Facebook has changed almost entirely, and staying in-step with those changes can prove to be quite challenging. If you are a business owner, you likely have a professional handling the social media marketing aspect of your business, but it’s a good idea to be aware of some Facebook marketing tips that you can use for 2018.

#1 Video posts are in

Video posts are becoming the dominant advertising medium on social media, and Facebook has now emerged as YouTube’s biggest contender when it comes to video uploads. If you haven’t focused on this yet, it’s time to do so without delay. You don’t really need any fancy equipment or the services of a professional videographer for this; a smartphone and good lighting equipment is all that’s required to shoot a good quality video from your phone.

#2 Use the “saved Audiences” function

One of the primary rules of marketing is that you should identify your target market and your marketing campaigns should be specific to that demographic. This is where “Saved Audiences” on Facebook comes in handy. You can create custom audiences within the platform’s Business Manager, based on specific parameters; this ensures your advertisements and posts are reaching a targeted audience.

#3 Consider re-targeting

Every business owner must consider launching a re-targeting campaign as this is proven to be one of the most profitable online advertising techniques. In retargeting you advertise to individuals that have visited your business website in the past. Simply install FB’s tracking pixel on your site, and then wait for the slew of visitors to roll in.

#4 Caption all your videos

The platform very recently announced that all their users will now have access to Facebook’s automated video captioning tool. Statistics prove that 90% of FB viewers watch online videos with the audio on mute and that means a large percentage of people will be reading your captions.

#5 A Call To Action is important

Add a call to action at the bottom of your Facebook Business Page. This information will help prospective customers get in touch with your business easily and it’s one way to increase the traffic to your website.

#6 Upload your company’s email list

When you upload your email marketing list to FB, you would be able to easily advertise to all the emails that are connected to an FB account. This practice is very similar to retargeting as it allows you to use multiple touch-points while connecting with your potential customers.

#7 Always respond to messages

There is an increasing amount of evidence indicating that the platform is analysing the response times into their algorithm, and that makes it important for you to respond to messages. The response time will be displayed in real-time on your official Facebook page that will give fans visibility of how quickly you respond to their comments, queries or complaints.

These tips should give you some idea about how you should use Facebook to effectively market your brand this year and in the next. For excellent responsive web design, custom or template sites, sales process support, CRM automation and results driven online marketing strategies, feel free to connect with Digital Canteen at this number – 02-9025-4304.

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