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6 YouTube Marketing Tips To Boost Your Business

6 YouTube Marketing Tips To Boost Your Business

Digital marketing has changed the way people advertise and reach out to their audience. There are a number of online marketing strategies that businesses use to stay visible and relevant in the online space and YouTube Marketing is one of them. This platform has an extremely wide reach; 5 billion videos are watched on the channel every day and over 300 hours of videos get uploaded onto this platform every minute.

In simple words, if YouTube Marketing isn’t a part of your broader marketing strategy, that can impact your business growth potential. It’s crucial that you incorporate YouTube videos to your overall digital marketing plans. And since this isn’t a secret, most other small businesses do the same.

That makes it necessary for you to up the ante and focus on creating great video content that will appeal to your audience and keep them interested and engaged. Listed below are 6 tips that will help you gain the attention of your future customers:

#1 Choose your Ad format for YouTube with care

Since there are a number of different ad formats available, such as non-skippable video ads (these are going to be discontinued in 2018), display ads and skippable ads. This wide choice can make the decision very complex at first. It’s best to start by understanding what each of these formats involves and then consider what your primary goal is.

Ideally, you should experiment with a few different ad formats and then compare how they perform. Investing in market research is a smart choice at this point as it will help you understand which ad format that will help you achieve your business goals.

#2 Compartmentalise Discovery Ads and In-Stream Ads into individual campaigns

Discovery & In-stream ads ads (or in-display ads) have some distinctive features that set them apart from each other.

  • Discovery ads appear right next to the related YouTube videos, alongside other content in the Display Network or even as part of the YouTube search results.
  • In-stream ads play just before, during, or post other videos.

#3 Use YouTube targeting options to your advantage

Pay close attention to the people that are consuming your messages; this will help you sift the unqualified audience or one that isn’t interested in what you are offering. Use demographics while targeting your audience, affinity and custom affinity audience as well as in-market audiences options.

#4 Set-up video remarketing

This is one of the most effective targeting methods as you only target people that have displayed interest in your products or services (by visiting your business website). Remarketing involves following your site’s visitors with ads on social networks, YouTube and via the display network and this method is proven to be very effective. People that have visited your website are far more likely to show interest in your offerings that those who haven’t heard of you at all.

#5 Create relevant and compelling content

Today, there is an influx of content on the internet and it isn’t difficult for viewers to skip most YouTube ads. This is why it’s crucial that you focus on producing very high-quality video content. The idea is to create relatable content that people will find interesting or useful or both.

#6 Add interactive elements to your YouTube ads

It’s possible to link up your website’s shopping cart with TrueView video ads. In addition, you can include cards to showcase products, calls-to-action, and auto-end screens encouraging viewers to download your app.

There are a number of details and nuances involved in YouTube Marketing and the best way to get it right is to hire an expert for the job. To help you further, check out these common YouTube Ad strategy mistakes to avoid them. For excellent responsive web design, custom or template sites, sales process support, CRM automation and results driven online marketing strategies, feel free to connect with Digital Canteen at this number – 02-9025-4304.

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