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Common YouTube Ad Strategy Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Common YouTube Ad Strategy Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

It is a well-known fact that YouTube is a very effective tool that should be part and parcel of every online marketing strategy. While it provides a number of branding opportunities, it’s also excellent for sales generation. If you harness YouTube ad strategy in the right manner, it can easily prove to be one of the best growth channels for your small business.

Most small business owners are now jumping onto the bandwagon and including YouTube advertising into their broader marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many still aren’t getting it right; they tend to make a number of mistakes with this platform. Here we talk about the common mistakes to avoid when you are planning your YouTube strategy:

#1 Not using YouTube advertising enough

While YouTube ads are rising in popularity, there are a number of businesses that still shy away from it; this is primarily because it involves a slightly higher level of monetary and time investment. When Facebook and Google Adwords were first launched, the businesses that incorporated these into their online marketing strategy, took advantage of the less stringent rules and lower costs, which resulted in more sales and profits. However, YouTube is the next big thing and if you missed out on using FB and Google Adwords, you can now start cashing in by using YouTube instead.

#2 Not opting for in-stream ads

These are the 5-second, skippable advertisements that which show up when a user is watching any YouTube video. Many business owners complain that YouTube isn’t effective; but if you dig a little deeper, you will find that they don’t use in-stream ads because they think it’s an utter waste of money. The fact is that if your aim is to make more sales, these are some of the most effective ads you can play. They are an excellent way to run branding exercises.

#3 Not using high-quality videos

Just uploading a YouTube video isn’t sufficient; you need to focus on the video creative and ensure it is of very high quality, or else your viewers just won’t trust the ad. Some of the things you can do to improve the quality of your videos include:

  • Aim to get the viewers to act within 30 seconds (and you won’t be charged for that view)
  • Be crisp and clear with the message you want to get to your audience. Today, the average attention span is about nine seconds and that’s all the time you have to catch their attention.
  • Have a great story and narrate it well; that is a great way to connect with your viewers.

#4 Not having adding the right metrics in the YouTube dashboard

The YouTube ad tool has certain dashboard metrics added. While the standard ones aren’t too great, you can make these more insightful. You can add various useful columns such as View Rate, Lost Impression Share and more; this will help you make more meaningful analyses.

#5 Not being persistent

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes YouTube Ads users make – they just don’t persist. You need to be patient and can’t expect results overnight. If you have started out with a certain YouTube ad test budget and see that things are progressing in the right direction (but a little too slowly), don’t give up. Once you have tested the channel and seen that it has the potential to be viable, you should persist and plan a stronger YouTube ad strategy.

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