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Why You Should Opt For a Custom Ecommerce Solution

Why You Should Opt For a Custom Ecommerce Solution

Today, Ecommerce has become a very important aspect for businesses that want to reach a wider audience and make inroads into new markets; it also helps streamline the manner in which the company’s clients and employees interact with each other, increases revenue streams and provides flexibility with reference to service times.

If you are considering adding an Ecommerce option to your site, you have two options before you; customised or hosted. Even before you decide which option works best for you, it’s vital to ascertain what the objectives and needs of your business are. This helps you identify what the most suitable option for your business will be.

A custom Ecommerce solution provides a number of different benefits over a hosted one. If you are looking to build a site that allows you complete control over making changes and the software being used, a customised Ecommerce site is the best way to go. Here are some of the major differences and the aspects you have to consider when choosing a suitable solution:

#1 Complex purchase processes

In instances where a basic Ecommerce shopping cart functionality isn’t suitable, a custom solution would work best. A simple example is when you have a variety of services and products that your customers may not be able to easily specify. In such cases, only a customised platform will allows users to make modifications so they can explain what their requirement or problem is and then submit it. The system then sends them a notification to check the pre-filled shopping cart that they are able to check out.

#2 Technical requirements

Certain businesses might also need an Ecommerce solution that’s integrated into the ERP (enterprise resource planning) software; this helps them centralise all their stock monitoring/control and services. In such cases, it becomes necessary to integrate the Ecommerce platform with the company’s existing ERP.

#3 Efficient handling of traffic volumes

If your site experiences high traffic volumes, those can be handled by using a dedicated web server to act as a custom solution. This allows you to respond quicker to user requests

#4 Unique business processes

Certain businesses require that the users register on their site and be vetted before they can move forth and purchase any services. This might require far more functionality than what any standard hosted Ecommerce platform can provide.

#5 No hassles of managing the platform

The provider will fully manage the custom solution for you, so you don’t have to spend any time or effort on setting and managing anything on the system.

#6 Speed and scalability

A custom Ecommerce solution uses a content delivery network which helps maximise the speed at which video content and images are delivered to the customer, which improves user experience. Most custom Ecommerce sites are implemented and hosted in the cloud allowing you to benefit from unlimited resources; and you are able to scale your business at no added cost.

#7 Mobile Ecommerce

Customisation of an Ecommerce platform also provides the functionality of commerce on mobile devices. Your customers are able to register, log-in and shop via their mobile devices with no additional effort on your part.

#8 Search engine optimisation and marketing

Most significantly, a custom ecommerce solution also takes care of SMO (Social Media Optimization), SEO (search engine optimisation) as well as online marketing. The professionals that provide the Ecommerce solution have the control required to achieve great results.

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