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Why You Should Focus On Getting More Online Reviews

Why You Should Focus On Getting More Online Reviews

Anyone that has done online shopping will tell you how useful product reviews are. We read online reviews to learn much more about the products we intend to buy. Reviews also help us see if people buying that product are happy with their purchase etc.

While most of us have a good understanding of the importance of online reviews from the perspective of a consumer, many businesses fail to take full advantage of this sales tool effectively.

This happens because business owners feel that it isn’t always easy to get positive reviews and negative ones will harm them. But the good news is that all kinds of reviews can boost customer acquisition, conversions and loyalty. Let’s take a look at why you should focus on getting more online reviews:

1. They Help Increase Sales

Many marketing studies indicate that including customer reviews on all your product pages can significantly boost conversions. About 75% of all customers read reviews before making a purchase decision. The presence of reviews on your product pages can influence it. Data indicates that almost 65% of online customers are more likely to complete the purchase of a product with user reviews.

2. They Can Boost Your SEO Efforts

Reviews can be very useful in boosting SEO in many different ways:

  • They offer the kind of content that Google and other search engines love because they favour relevant, frequently updated as well as uniquely worded content. Without you having to make any effort, product reviews offer just that.
  • Reviews generally contain long-tail keywords, because those writing product reviews are more likely to use language which is similar to how buyers will search. It helps improve your page rank for these particular terms.
  • Reviews also provide rich snippets of relevant content that can catalyse click-throughs from various search pages.
  • Product reviews help you rank better for search terms which include the words – “ratings” or “review”.

When you get this SEO boost, it increases the chances of your product pages showing up on search results. When you get qualified visitors, they are more likely to convert.

3. Help You Establish credibility

Whenever customers make an online purchase, they have to deal with the uncertainty and anxiety that comes with buying a product they haven’t handled in person. Reviews help to bridge this gap as they provide potential customers with some sense of security or social proof, resulting from the product. This helps to enhance your credibility as the company selling that product.

It’s also why you should never attempt to screen negative reviews. Online shoppers are very savvy these days, and they know that not everyone can award a product with a 5-star review. If they feel that the high rating is fishy, they will veer away from your product and might end up buying something from your competitor.

Customers are far more likely to trust online reviews as a whole when there are some negative ones included in the mix; it’s also why the presence of some negative reviews can have a positive impact on your conversion rates.

Other Things to Consider

In addition to all these things, product reviews can help with your marketing efforts. It enables you to identify which of your products are being viewed the most. You can see what customers are saying and use the feedback to improve your offerings as well, which can only help boost sales. As you can see, there are many reasons why you should focus on getting more online reviews.

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