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Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Video Marketing In 2019

Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Video Marketing In 2019

We now live in a technologically-driven world where information doesn’t count if it’s not original, instant and captivating. People are in a hurry and need everything done fast. This makes video content the perfect platform to market your products and services. It keeps customers engaged and interested in what you have to say.

Types Of Video Content

There are several types of videos that you can implement into your digital marketing strategy. Awareness and interest are the two main things to keep in view while creating content that can capture the customer’s attention. Here is a list of reasons why you can’t afford to ignore video marketing in 2019 and what will work best for you:

#1 Brand Films

The point and essence of the brand film are to let people know who you are. It isn’t just about selling a product or a service or informing people about your business. It is essential to know what emotion you want to invoke in your viewers. It is crucial that you know your target audience, what they do, and what their hobbies and interests are.

A brand film can have a significant impact on your business if executed properly. The film should be robust and incorporate all the factors mentioned above especially about “who you are.” Brand films grab audience interest instantly; this makes them the perfect tool for increasing your brand awareness at a rapid pace. Visual elements and music have an impact that static media can never compete with.

#2 Testimonial Videos

There might have been times when you’ve come across written testimonials on a website and scrolled right by them. Many online users are cautious of written testimonials; this is mainly because of their manipulative nature. Videos of spoken testimonials are better and practical as well.

If your customers have taken time out of their day to write a review complementing your product or service in the past, they will show some interest in helping you create this compelling and reliable form of video marketing. A video testimonial adds a touch of authenticity that written ones lack because audiences feel they are reading reviews or comments written by faceless individuals.

#3 Animation Videos

Creating a great animated video is the best option out there for you if you want to create a long-lasting impact. This form of marketing can be used by companies that manufacture products that may seem a little lackluster on their own. For example, a car wash, plumbing service or laundry needs some interest quotient added in their marketing effort to make a positive impact. Adding an animated quirky and short video will brighten an online advertisement. Aside from this, animated videos are sharable and can go viral as well which can give your brand or business some more exposure.

#4 Educational Videos

If you want people out there to know a few things about your products or services, an educational video might be the perfect option for you. As people are increasingly bombarded with ads and marketing campaigns, the more their attention spans reduce.

This gives you as a business, a very small margin of time to grab audience attention and make an impact.

Educational videos are the most effective for I.T, software or technology companies. In addition to learning something new about the company, people may also urge to share this valuable content with family and friends as well. Apple is probably is the most famous company that implements this type of marketing. It educates users in short bursts via their YouTube tutorials.

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