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Top 3 Types of Content You Should Create to Boost SEO for Your Small Business
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Top 3 Types of Content You Should Create to Boost SEO for Your Small Business

We all know the reasons for having a professional, well-branded website—these days it’s rare for any business to be taken seriously without one. Your site shows potential customers exactly what you have to offer and increases your chance of turning their curiosity into cold, hard cash.

But it isn’t enough to have a company photo, contact information, and a blog or two on your site. In order to get the most bang for your buck, it is important to understand that content counts…and the type of content you create has the power to make or break your business.

The trick is to create the kind of quality content that is most likely to improve your SEO ranking…you are familiar with SEO…aren’t you?


If you are unfamiliar, we’re talking about search engine optimisation, or the process of improving your business website so that it is more likely to show up when people use a search engine like Google or Yahoo to search for products or services connected to your business.

The kind of content you create can have a profound effect on the ranking of your business, and that’s why we’ve created this handy list with 3 of our favorite types of content that have the power to increase organic traffic to your website and boost your SEO.

1. Blog Posts

No surprise here—blogs are often the first thing small business owners think of when they hear the word content. They are easy to produce (though they can be time-consuming if you are not an experienced writer), are a great way to engage your audience, and have the potential to attract visitors to your site.

As you start adding blogs to your site, make sure they are relevant to your business. While you may, in fact, know the exact proportions to craft the perfect Old Fashioned, unless you are in the bar business this content is better left to your personal social media feed.

That being said, feel free to mix up the types of blogs you post. Write a piece featuring one of your best-selling products or services and explain why customers love it. Share a thought-provoking blog about a topic that is important to people within your industry. And don’t forget about asking your peers to open a guest blog.

Don’t forget to incorporate relevant keywords into both the blog title and the text itself to further improve the searchability of your content.

2. Infographics

Who doesn’t love a good informational graphic? We see them all time, often shared in the Twitter or LinkedIn feeds of CEO’s and thought leaders. But they are equally important for small business owners and have the power to really drive organic traffic to their creator’s websites…when executed correctly.

It isn’t enough to create a visually appealing, informative graphic (though that is certainly important considering infographics improve comprehension by as much as 50%). In order to enjoy the benefits of your graphic, you must add an embed code to your website so people can link to you as the original source when sharing your creation. If you’re new to this process, click here for all the information you’ll ever need on optimising your infographics for SEO.

3. Social Media

We know, we know…we talk about the importance of having a social media presence ad nauseum. But having an active social media account for your business is important for a variety of reasons, and one of the biggest is the way SM platforms support SEO.

When you use social media to share a link to that riveting blog you penned or stunning infographic you created, your content is bound to connect with some of your followers (at least, it should if you’re doing it right). Those followers will then share your content on their own pages, putting your business in front of fresh eyes and driving organic traffic to your site as all the newbies head to your website to find out what your business is all about.

In addition to blogs and infographics, other content that is worth sharing on social media includes videos (seriously, if you aren’t already comfortable with creating video content for your business, get there fast) and podcasts.

And, if the idea of managing multiple social media pages overwhelms you, start with one of the major players like LinkedIn or Facebook, then branch out as you feel more comfortable. It’s also worth noting that there are plenty of social media management platforms like Later that allow you to write a single post and share it on multiple platforms.

And so…

If you find you’d like a little guidance on how to connect your content with killer SEO, contact us at Digital Canteen. We’d love to help your business enjoy all the benefits of SEO without juggling the time commitment good SEO requires. We do the hard stuff…you enjoy the bennies. What could be better?

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