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Our Take on the Top 5 Graphic Design Trends for 2023

Our Take on the Top 5 Graphic Design Trends for 2023

As the new year begins, it only makes sense to start looking for what will likely be the latest trends in 2023. While many of us associate trendiness with the fashion industry, the truth is marketing trends are every bit as mercurial, seeming to change at the drop of a hat.

What was white hot in 2022 is likely to feel dull and dated in 2023. As famed fashion designer Kenzō Takada once said, “Fashion is like eating; You shouldn’t stick to the same menu.”

And the same holds true for graphic design. Sticking with the same layout, color scheme, and font choices used in previous years can start to feel stale and redundant after a while.

To be clear, we are not suggesting you embark on a total rebranding of your business. But, by knowing what styles are trending, you can make small stylistic changes that take your business from the boring, repetitive buffet line of graphic design and transform it into a three-Michelin-starred success.

And that’s why we’re sharing our top 5 picks for graphic design trends going into 2023, and explaining how you can use them to freshen up your brand. A note of warning—some of the trends we selected land squarely on polar opposite sides of the design spectrum…and that is okay. Following trends does not mean you must completely remake your business. Rather, find the trend that can most easily be incorporated into your current brand style and go with that.

1. For Those Who Appreciate Restraint – Vintage Minimalist

If your current design style leans toward clean and spare with plenty of negative space, vintage minimalism may be right up your alley.

Though it pains us to admit it, one needs only step back into the 20th century to find “vintage” inspiration. This trend borrows fonts from bygone eras (think the bubble letter trend of the 80s or typewriter font of the 50s and 60s) and pairs it with grainy photographs or single points of interest.

Color choices within the trend can run the gamut from bold and bright to soft and muted.

2. For the Lover of Excess – Maximalism

At the polar opposite of vintage minimalism lies the visually stimulating (and occasionally sensory overloading) trend of maximalism.

While vintage minimalism stays relatively cohesive and clean, maximalism includes wild mixes of patterns and colors, designs that laugh in the face of traditional balance, and images that leave little room for negative space.

If you aren’t used to maximalism, the first look can be decidedly jarring as your eye tries to determine what to focus on first. But, when done right, maximalism feels like a refreshing alternative to simple and clean. With splashes of color and layers of graphics over text over photographs, the multiple parts of maximalism all work to convey a bold and powerful message.

3. If You Have a Sweet Spot for Soft Shades – Pastels

Pastel colors have seen a recent surge in popularity within the fashion industry and the graphic design world, and it’s a trend that will continue in 2023.

There is just something fresh and comforting…and perhaps slightly nostalgic…about pastels that pop. Consider swapping your current brand colors for softer, pastel versions to freshen up your look in the new year.

4. If You Have a Soft Spot for Plants – Folk Botanical

This may be more of a niche trend, but the recent resurgence in botanical prints with a traditional twist is too popular not to mention.

Folk botanical incorporates plants and flowers in a way that is less polished and refined. Think of hand-drawn images from an old scientific journal. You may also see images and fonts offering a nod to vintage Scandinavian design.

Graphic images are often created using repeated patterns of floral stems, leaves and branches, and animals. The result is a style that nurtures nature while remaining casual and approachable.

5. If You’re Craving Cool Visuals – 3D Images and Text

The buzz around virtual reality is real, and anything business owners can do to make customer interaction with their imagery and graphics a more immersive experience, the better they will be. Incorporating 3D images and/or text is easier than it sounds, and this small change can make your business stand out from others in your industry.

Our post-pandemic world seems to crave connection and immersion, and 3D graphics and illustrations give customers just that. But don’t limit yourself to stagnant images and graphics—videos that incorporate 3D tech are going to be equally popular this year.

And so…

If you’d like a little help upping the graphic design game for your business, contact us at Digital Canteen. Our team can make your current brand look fresh and new for 2023 or help you pull off a total rebranding.

2023 is shaping up to be a rule-breaker when it comes to traditional graphic design. By incorporating a few carefully curated trends into your current design scheme, you’ll ensure your business looks timely and relevant throughout the new year and beyond.

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