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Simple Steps to Increase Traffic from Your Social Media Accounts
  • Posted at 12:01 am in Social Media Marketing , by Digital Canteen
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Simple Steps to Increase Traffic from Your Social Media Accounts

You’ve probably heard marketing experts say that social media is a great way to increase website traffic. If you already have various social media accounts but haven’t been able to crack the code on how to attract more traffic from these platforms, read on. It’s always a combination of tactics that help drive more traffic to a website on a daily basis. Here we have listed some of the most effective ways in which you can get your social media presence to drive more traffic to your site.

#1 Ensure your website URL is visible

Almost all social media platforms have designated spots from where you can share your site. Ensure your website URL/address is clearly visible on your profile description and “About” sections. This will add to the credibility of your profiles and will help lead visitors in the right direction – towards your site.

#2 Focus on increasing traffic via Twitter

Every time you write blog posts, share them via your various social channels. This helps boost your engagement, SEO efforts and helps you widen your audience as well. Most businesses that are active on social media share some blog posts on Twitter and don’t do much else.

It’s a good idea to share good posts on various platforms such as Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook several times throughout the year. Track all the posts to determine which of these are performing the best. Use tracking tags that feed information to the Google analytics platform. These give you the visibility of where your traffic is coming from and how it’s behaving.

#3 Refer more people to your site

Are you getting questions from visitors to your social media accounts? You can answer their queries and refer them to your site. For example, if they ask you what your business hours are – you can refer them to your site’s ‘Contact Us’ page where your business hours are mentioned. If someone asks you whether you have a particular product share a link to your site’s ‘products page’. If they ask for your location, direct them to the map that’s embedded on your website. The idea is to think creatively and send users to your site every which way you can.

#4 Use calls to action

Once people start to interact with you via your social media profiles, you also need to direct them to the call to action. Some of the commonly used CTAs include “Share on Twitter”, “Contact us now”, “Comment below” etc. All social media platforms have buttons for CTAs. In the case of other networks, you’d have to place the calls to action within your posts.

#5 Optimise all your social profiles

Just as you use various SEO techniques to optimise your site, you need to do the same for all your social profiles too. Make sure that all your content including the biogrpahies and About Us page has all the relevant keywords in the right measure and all the sections on your profile should be complete. Placing links on the biographies on social media is a great way to boost your site’s SEO. When you link your website via social media channels, you are essentially creating very high-quality backlinks to it, which is a prominent result of optimising your social profile.

It’s important that you hire experts to handle your social media posts; they will also respond to queries from visitors and ensure your profile is updated with the latest information. For excellent responsive web design, custom or template sites, sales process support, CRM automation and results driven online marketing strategies, feel free to connect with Digital Canteen at this number – 02-9025-4304.

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