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The Relevance Of Local SEO In A Digital Campaign

The Relevance Of Local SEO In A Digital Campaign

Regardless of the industry you operate in, your digital marketing strategy would need the right measure of search engine optimization. There are two main methods in which SEO can be implemented – global and local. Large corporations that cater to international audiences can benefit from global SEO and smaller businesses that are largely focused on niche audiences in the local market can benefit from implementing local SEO.

The latter helps align various factors required for consumers to make well informed purchases – motivation, convenience and time. When you focus on building a very strong local SEO strategy as part of your overall digital campaign, it puts you in the limelight. When potential customers in your local area search for the products or services you offer, it puts your business before them.

Today even the smallest businesses can benefit from building a robust digital marketing strategy that includes Local SEO. Not only is it the best way of reaching your target audiences, but is also the cheapest medium to promote your services and products. Its very simple – if you are a local brick and mortar business and want greater exposure, you would need to familiarize yourself which how local SEO works.

Why is Local SEO So Important?

Better connectivity to the Internet and an increase in smartphone usage has led to the prominence of Local SEO. As a matter of fact, there has been a significant increase in mobile searches not just in Australia but across the world as well.

Today, 51% of digital time comes from mobile as compared to 42% coming from desktops. What this means is that a larger number of people are conducting searches via their smartphones while they are on the move. One out of three mobile searches in Australia is a local search. According to Google, 95% of mobile users tend to search for different types of local information via phones with the goal of visiting/calling a business.

Since Google as well as many other search engines aim to give their users the most current and relevant information, focusing on the local SEO is the way to go. Today this has become one of the topmost ranking factors for Google, and you should focus on building a solid local presence. This will translate into phone calls to your small business and footfalls in your store.

Let’s Take A Closer Look At What’s Involved In Local SEO

Online Directories

Whenever someone conducts our local search, typically, online directories will dominate the first page of the search results. Sites such as yellow pages, Yelp, foursquare etc. are excellent because they display your business name, phone number, address and other relevant information such as a description of your services, or menus in case your restaurant.


There will also be a review section on these pages, which most online users check to determine the quality of the business’ services or products. 88% of local consumers trust the business reviews they read online. These reviews are an excellent way of reaching prospective customers.

It’s important to build a good reputation online, as this can have a positive impact on your business. If you are a start-up, request customers that have had a good experience to post their reviews online. This can give a significant boost to your reputation and help you establish a successful business in your local area.

Business Directory Listings

Business directories such as Google My Business as well as Bing Places for Business are free to use and it’s important that you be listed on these as well. It a great way to get the visibility you need at zero cost. You need to ensure that all the information listed on these sites is accurate and updated at all times.

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