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So, what is It that Makes People Leave Your Website?
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So, what is It that Makes People Leave Your Website?

As a business owner, you know that your website is the online face of your company. It’s why you have probably hired the services of a good Web design company. Your site has very engaging and relevant content and you have used the right amount of graphics and videos.

The right colours and theme have been incorporated into your site and you have also focused and invested in all the necessary online marketing techniques. So, if everything is in place, why are such a small percentage of visitors converting into leads.

Some things to keep in view

This is not an uncommon issue. It’s not very easy to convert visitors; and only an ideal mix of various factors ensures that you will be able to capture conversions. Take a look at why people end up leaving your website:

#1 Out-dated web design

While you feel that your site looks very attractive, the fact is that web design can never be stagnant. While it’s not necessary that you change everything on the site, making subtle changes ensures that your visitors linger a little longer.

#2 Content not easy to read

This aspect is linked to the design aspect. Design can never be just about images, graphics and colours. It’s also a lot about how easily readable your web content is. In this respect, the fonts as well as the background and text of the pages matter a great deal. If the content is difficult to read, visitors will be more apt to leave your site.

#3 The plugins on your site are out-dated

If the sales content on your site is buried in Flash files, users aren’t going to be inclined to go ahead and install the updated versions of those plugins. Today, it’s important that you use HTML5 for all of animations & videos on your site.

#4 Aggressive advertising

Some websites run on very aggressive ad-driven models. It’s true that you can’t always afford to remove these from your site; but you should ensure that the ads aren’t everywhere. The ads shouldn’t really be the very first thing a visitor to your site sees. Also, the proportion of content should take up more real-estate than the ads.

#5 Auto-play videos on your site

Visitors are spoilt for choice today, and they like to have control over when they access and look at online content. If you have an auto-play video, its surely going to put them off and they will move away from your site without checking out what products or services you are offering.

#6 Unclear navigation

It’s not uncommon to find sites that are very poorly structured. The navigation options might be very poorly laid out and visitors have a tough time finding the information they need. Not only does this impact the user-experience, but it isn’t good for SEO either. Having well-organised content can help you stop losing potential sales.

#7 Lengthy registration procedure

Even if you have good content that is organised well, if the registration requirements are very restrictive, it ends up affecting your conversion rate. Ascertain whether all the registration fields are necessary and whether the information on your landing page forms is set out well.

#8 Your site has no personality

Your site as well as marketing campaigns have to reflect your brand personality. There is a definite connect between the manner in which customers co-relate what they perceive of your website, and your brand.

Other aspects that matter

Slow-loading sites are another major deterrent for visitors; and not having appropriate CTAs also impacts conversions. Ensure that your site is mobile-responsive as a large percentage of visitors are accessing sites via various mobile devices.

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