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Proven On-Page SEO Optimisation Strategies for 2017

Proven On-Page SEO Optimisation Strategies for 2017

Every small business that wants to stay ahead of the game likes to know they are using the right SEO techniques. But then, not every business person is an online marketing expert and it takes a certain amount of expertise to ensure the Search Engine Optimisation strategies that are being used, are working as they should.

SEO is never a set and forget effort and online marketers constantly keep track of the techniques and methods that are being implemented and tweak these as needed to make sure they stay effective. On-page SEO is a very vital component of any SEO strategy; today, we discuss some of the best and proven on-page SEO optimisation strategies for 2017:

#1 Be judicious while following keyword repetition rules

There are a number of paid and free tools that calculate the number of times a keyword has been repeated in your on-page content and there are certain repetition rules that most SEO professionals follow. But in most cases, the recommended usage is way too high and including one keyword for every 10 words can impact the user experience. If the content on your site isn’t readable and is riddled with keywords, that will also affect your ranking.

This is because Google is concerned about how the visitors to your site are interacting with the on-page content. If the users find too many keywords and move away from your site, that will pull you down on the SERPs. This is why you need to use keyword repetition rules judiciously or else the excessive keyword usage will adversely affect your content quality.

#2 Cater to your audience

It’s important that you meet the expectations of the visitors to your site. The primary objective at this point should be that you are able to exactly and clearly understand what your audience is looking for. And so, instead of attempting to retro–fit your on-page content with the existing SEO rules, focus on quality and prudent keyword usage.

#3 Keep in view that related topics and keywords are vital

Just using raw keywords and following simple rules isn’t going to bring in any success in your SEO marketing efforts. The content on your site should be logical and connect semantically and lexically with the visitors’ queries. The focus should be on identifying which keywords are relevant and then having on-page content woven around those few yet important keywords. This can go a long way in boosting your SEO efforts.

#4 Know when and how to use internal linking

When you are building content for your website, you should make it a point to ensure that there are relevant links leading to other related pages on your site. Not only will this provide users the information they are looking for, but will ensure your site is used properly. The search engines are also able to crawl your web pages in a more systematic order which again goes a long way in boosting your rankings on SERPs.

As you can see, there are a few simple yet effective on-page SEO techniques you can use to give your business and site the exposure it needs. It’s always a good idea to hire proven SEO experts to handle every aspect of your online marketing strategy. They have the knowledge, tools and experience to provide you the results you are looking for.

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