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The Best Ways to Get User-Generated Content For Your Digital Marketing Campaigns
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The Best Ways to Get User-Generated Content For Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

If you are a small business owner planning a new marketing campaign, it’s important that you get a solid content marketing plan ready. All the social media and offline strategies that you use will help drive potential customers to your business website as well as your social media pages.

Most customers that are looking for services or products online today, conduct a lot of research before they decide which company they want to do business with. If you have engaging, relevant and updated content on your social media pages as well as your site, customers will be more apt to trust you.

This will help drive up sales and improve your bottom line. It’s very simple really – more content results in more leads. Businesses that regularly update their site with relevant content tend to generate up to five times more traffic than companies with fewer posts. However, it’s important to understand that all content isn’t created equal. Modern day customers are extremely savvy.

Things to focus on

Not only will they visit your website and social media pages but will also read online reviews and customer testimonials before deciding whether they want to do business with you. This makes it very important for you to generate high-quality content that would encourage your audience to purchase your products and services. Here are the best ways to get user-generated content for your digital marketing campaigns:

#1 Post sharable content

Ensure that your site has great content but also make it very simple for people to share and “like” it. Incorporate buttons for various social media platforms that your target audience generally uses. Focus on building a great content marketing plan that can help you keep your site, social media presence, as well as blogs updated.

Hire professional and experienced content writers that can work with your plans and update your site with relevant content that is shareable. This is also one of the best ways to keep on top of the SERPs. You should also encourage comments on your blog posts as well as consider the use of forums. The idea is to make it very easy for your visitors to comment, like and share posts to keep your business very visible in the online space.

#2 Encourage your visitors by rewarding them

While keeping visitors involved in your online presence is one of the best ways to stay in the limelight, you also need to provide them some value for the shares, likes, and comments they post. This can be done by posting contests and rewarding visitors on Facebook. Market research states that only less than 1% of individuals that like Facebook pages ever return to them. This means you simply need to provide them with a solid reason to do so. The aspect to keep in mind is that user-generated content is directly related to good engagement. It’s why you should focus on building a community around broad topics rather than tight niches.

Adopt a positive approach

While you are doing all these things and encouraging user-generated content, it’s also your responsibility to ensure it’s legal, fair and complimentary. This is why you need to monitor conversations on a regular basis, read reviews and check comments every single day. Don’t forget to monitor hashtags and Twitter feeds and deal with negative comments and complaints without delay. Customers will always be impressed with the company that deals with customer complaints promptly and positively.

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