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How Automation Can Boost Your Business’ Sales Processes

How Automation Can Boost Your Business’ Sales Processes

Setting an effective sales process involves a great deal of research, planning, analysing and strategizing. While all of these are important things, the one thing you can do to improve conversions and save time is automate a few areas of your business. If you run an ecommerce business or at least have an online storefront to complement your brick and mortar business, you know exactly how much effort and time goes into making sure that every aspect ranging from lead generation and cart management as well as the follow up process, runs without a glitch.

As a small business owner, you wear multiple hats and the more you can do to reduce your workload, the better. This is where automation makes an entry. Whether you are using Magento, WooCommerce or Shopify or some other online sales platform, there are a number of powerful and dynamic marketing tools you can use. Knowing how and where you should apply these tools can catapult you ahead of the competition, while also saving you a significant amount of time and trouble in the process. Some of the aspects of your business that can be automated include:

#1 Mailing lists

Marketing is one of the most vital steps in building a great storefront and creating customer lists is a crucial part of the marketing process. This is even truer in the case of customers that have already completed a purchase. Many customers opt to receive promo offers and product information and subscribe to mailing lists. When you automate the processes of importing and exporting customers to different mailing lists; it can save you a significant amount of time and trouble. Aside from that, it reduces the chances of mistakes.

#2 Shipping processes

Once the customer places an order, you need to keep things in motion. The checkout and order confirmation process has to be smooth and hassle-free. Most eCommerce sites have some form of automated invoicing, handling and shipping plugin and that is what your site should have as well.

#3 Customer Follow-Ups

There are times when customers abandon their shopping carts. In some cases, a customer may have indicated interest in a product that is now on sale. At times you may want to thank a customer via email, for having made a purchase. These are the things you are able to automate as long as the emails you send out adhere to these guidelines:

  • Have a clear subject line
  • Include the person’s name, address and or email
  • Be concise while writing the email
  • Use relevant messaging
  • The email should be timely
  • Never oversell – it isn’t necessary for every email to include a product recommendation or coupon
  • Ensure that you focus on the things that matter to each customer

#4 Inventory management

You can also automate processes such as inventory management. This will help you maintain a detailed an updated record of all your products. If you don’t have accurate stats and records of product shortages, shipment delays and overstocking etc., that can impact your bottomline.

#5 Order Status

Apart from automated handling and shipping, you should also have a system that will provide customers automated updates on the products they have purchased. While interested customers will look up this information manually, when you send out automated updates, it enhances the customer experience.

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