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Do I Really Need a Custom Website?

Do I Really Need a Custom Website?

When you are planning on getting a website built for your small business, you need to identify a good web designer for the job. The other thing you need to decide is whether you want a free template-based website or a custom designed one. The former may seem more conducive as you have to pay nothing for it.

However, you need to stop and think whether it will actually help boost the sales and profitability of your business. If you are wondering whether you really need a custom business website, take a look at the advantages of having one:

#1 Adds to the credibility of your business

Most business owners look for ways and means of reducing their costs and increasing profitability. But opting for a free, template based site isn’t the way to do it; you might just do your business more harm than good. While you can get your company name on the Internet even with a template web design, it does nothing to make your business stand out from the rest of the businesses that also have websites.

It’s important to keep in view the fact that your website is the online face of your business and when it comes to marketing and improving sales, making the right impression counts. A custom-designed website will look more professional and add to the credibility of your business. A template website won’t give you the chance to stand out of the crowd and make a brand impact.

#2 Fewer limitations

A template website is more of a cookie-cutter approach to web design. It may not have the functionality to run ecommerce facilities; and these limitations are something you would always have to work with. Customised web design on the other hand doesn’t have too many limitations. You have the option to choose the things you want in the manner you want them.

#3 Cross-browser compatibility

It’s important to keep in view the fact that not every person that browses the Internet uses the latest browser. Different people may use different browsers to access a certain site. The only way you can make sure that your business website will display properly on all the browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer, is to opt for a custom-designed website and ensure that the designer includes cross-browser functionality while building your site.

#4 Search engine friendly

A custom web designer will make sure your site is optimised for search engines. It’s vital that your site have the appropriate HTML and CSS coding as that gives you an advantage with reference to search engine rankings. This isn’t something a template website would be able to provide.

#5 Designed with your target audience in mind

Every business has a certain target market and when you are setting up a business website, you need to ensure that it is built with your target audience in view. Most businesses also like to include their brand or corporate colours in the website design; none of this is possible with a template websites. Only a custom-designed website would be able to make the impact you want.

If you are working on a very low budget and aren’t able to hire the services of a custom web designer, a template-based website may come in handy. But this shouldn’t be a permanent solution; you should always aim for getting a custom website built as it will help you showcase your brand in a better way and strengthen your online presence.

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