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Why Your Marketing Campaign Needs Cross-Device Retargeting

Why Your Marketing Campaign Needs Cross-Device Retargeting

Our world is filled with people who are inclined to using multiple devices. It’s common for people to use their tablet when they are at home, a smartphone while commuting to work, and may be a Personal Computer or laptop when they are at work. This switch is something that comes naturally to them and they are habituated to it.

In the year 2015, Google, the internet giant declared that mobile search volumes had surpassed desktop. It’s no surprise then that online marketers have now started focusing their attention on various mobile platforms and are convinced that focusing on one and cold-shouldering the other might not really be a good idea – the priority now is undoubtedly to market products and services on multiple devices.

Multiple Device Focus – The Relevance

Online market research has shown that 70% of people tend to switch devices while performing local searches. Just take a look at this example – Consider you want to buy a leather work bag and you start looking online via your desktop at home and you also quickly scan through a few reviews for various brands, via different sites; but you still don’t make the purchase at that point of time.

Later in the day, you step out and head to work; during your commute, you continue looking for a leather work bag; but this time, its via your mobile phone and you start looking for a local store that carries the brand you are looking for – at this point your search has seamlessly become mobile & local. In fact, this is the route that most people take when they’re purchasing something.

This is more evident when they are buying things they would like to look at and feel before they purchase the product. You must have noticed that the search also very seamlessly transitioned from desktop to mobile and many people may also move back to searching for the product on the PC again. You may be surfing some sites and looking for products, via your mobile phone when you spot an interesting ad; at this point you might just bookmark it and then when you have the time later, will simply view it via your laptop or PC.

About Cross-Device Retargeting

And this behavior is displayed by many other people too. It boils down to the fact that over the course of a single day, many people tend to switch between 2-3 devices. This is a marketing opportunity that you can’t afford to overlook. The best way to get optimum results from your online marketing campaign is to target users across all platforms. Once the user has been identified, he/she will be retargeted via various platforms.

Going back to our earlier example – if you have researched a leather bag on your PC this morning, retargeting would then show ads related to that same product on your smartphone later. This marketing technique is called cross-device retargeting; it is no less than a boon for many local businesses.

Hire the Right Professionals

However, getting cross-device retargeting right is never a matter of chance. It takes a significant amount of experience and expertise. This makes it important that you opt for a credible and experienced company to handle your cross-device retargeting campaign. We at Digital Canteen are a full service digital agency that specialises in helping businesses find the right marketing solutions to catapult their growth and increase their profitability.

Call us at 02-9699-1500. You can also connect with us using this online form. We will work very closely with you and your online marketing campaign to bring in the results you need.

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