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8 Tips to Choose the Right Domain for Your Business

8 Tips to Choose the Right Domain for Your Business

When you are deciding on a domain name for your business, you will find there are a number of options to choose from. Keep in mind that your URL and domain name has a very important role to play with reference to search. This is the final destination where users will find your site and the content posted in it. Aside from that, your domain name also affects your search visibility. Here are some tips to choose the right domain name for your business:

#1 Choose the right keywords

Even before you log into the domain registrar, keep a few relevant keywords in mind. These keyphrases and keywords should very clearly define the things you do or plan to do. You would have to try different combinations and permutations to see which name is relevant and looks right. It’s important that you just let the ideas flow and don’t force this process. Try different suffixes & prefixes to identify what sounds good and seems attention-grabbing.

#2 Choose something unique

Your domain name has to reflect your brand; ensure it’s unique and that it stands out from others in the industry you operate in. Choosing a domain name that very closely resembles some popular brand in the field isn’t a good idea as that can confuse the audience. However, you also need to make sure you don’t gravitate to the other end of the scale and try to use a word with an alternative spelling.

#3 Opt for .com

If you want to build a solid online presence, opting for a .com domain is the way to go. It’s alright to use a redirect to drive traffic to an .org/.net site, but it’s crucial to own a .com or even the equivalent TLD for the country your target market is. While there are literally thousands of TLDs you can choose from, .com remains the one with the highest credibility. It’s not uncommon for internet users to hesitate while clicking on TLDs apart from .com, so it’s best to keep things easy for users and opt for .com

#4 Ensure that it’s easy to type your domain name

If it’s difficult to type your URL, people simply won’t. Lengthy URL strings or words that are difficult to spell can frustrate end users and become a deterrent when it comes to accessing your site. If there is a negative impact on the user experience, you’ll ultimately suffer.

#5 Make your domain name memorable

Despite all the different types of digital marketing that have emerged today, word-of-mouth marketing continues to be the most effective. The one way to spread awareness about your brand is to ensure your domain is easy to remember. Regardless of how great your website is that won’t matter if people can’t remember what your domain name is.

#6 Maintain brevity

It’s easier to type as well as remember a shorter URL and a larger part of the name shows up on the SERPs. In addition, it looks better on offline media and fits comfortably on business cards.

#7 Focus on building your brand

If you are unable to zero in on a great domain name that’s in line with the pointers mentioned above, then you should try to use some branding to stand out from the crowd. The one way to build some added value is to use a unique moniker.

#8 Do not succumb to trends

Trends are just that-trends; and just because something is very popular at the moment doesn’t mean it will stay that way always and emulating someone else can easily lead you astray. It’s best to steer clear of a digits, hyphens and odd spellings; make sure your domain name is easy to remember and keep it simple.

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