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Avoid These SEO Mistakes In 2019

Avoid These SEO Mistakes In 2019

A winning SEO strategy is something that requires constant attention and tweaking. You need to focus on what the latest trends are as well as any algorithmic changes that Google makes. However, these aren’t the only things that you need to focus on. Let’s take a look at some of the SEO mistakes you should avoid in 2019, to make a success of your digital marketing strategies:

SEO mistakes to avoid in 2019

#1 Having Unrealistic Expectations Or Goals

It’s very important to be ambitious while setting your SEO targets and be aggressive in your approach. But if you set unrealistic goals, you are setting yourself up for failure. Rather than focusing only on your SEO rankings, you should also look at how various metrics impact your business performance. Keep these in view while you measure SEO success. The things you should be focusing on include an increase in traffic and engagement, as well as conversions and sales.

#2 Ignoring Long Tail Keywords

In addition to keywords and key phrases, you also need to incorporate appropriate long tail keywords in your SEO strategy. While it’s true that many businesses focus on ranking for industry-specific targeted keywords, the competition for these can be quite high. It’s far better to keep these as your SEO campaigns mid to long-term goal. The other aspect is that Google generally ranks web pages for long tail keywords, which is why it makes sense to focus on them. Learn more about the relevance of keyword research in your SEO marketing here.

#3 Ignoring Audience Behaviour And Demographics

It isn’t uncommon for businesses to focus excessively on SEO and they just get caught up in all the numbers. While doing this, they omit to look at their target audience behaviour. It is vital to set up your audience demographics in Google Analytics. The content that you create should be in sync with the type of content that your audience engages with. Make a note of the keywords or key phrases they are using while searching for information on your website. Use these insights in your SEO strategy to make it more impactful.

#4 Ignoring The Importance Of Your Site’s Architecture And HTML Code

The architecture of your entire website and the web pages HTML are the cornerstones of your SEO efforts. If you ignore these, that can only effect the traffic to your website . Search engines have to be able to crawl, access and index all the content that exists on your site’s pages. While it’s important to have an attractive and appealing website, you also need to focus on the site architecture and use clean HTML. Hire the services of experienced and skilled web development professionals so that these aspects are in place.

Things To Focus On

Aside from the mistakes that you need to avoid while setting up your SEO strategy for 2019, there are certain things you should be focusing on which include:

  • Ensure that you use the right kind of Meta tags in your campaigns such as the title tag and the Meta description tag. Depending on what kind of optimisation your website needs, you would also need to incorporate tags such as no follow and no index.
  • There should be no crawling errors on your website. If search engines are unable to find the content they would not be able to index your website. The navigation permissions that you set on the web page, the robots.txt file as well as the Google Console will help the search engine crawlers crawl the content on your site.
  • Make sure that you have internal links on your web pages and in the navigation menu. These links will lead the crawlers to various other pages on your site which also helps in indexing.

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