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7 Stellar Strategies for Social Media Marketing in 2021
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7 Stellar Strategies for Social Media Marketing in 2021

Are you looking for a few ways to easily freshen up your social media marketing strategies? It’s a good idea to switch things up regularly, particularly if you’re currently implementing a strategy that offers little to no ROI for your efforts. Why keep using something that isn’t working?

Incorporating current strategies into your current marketing plan keeps your brand feeling fresh and relevant to followers and, in today’s fickle world, keeping the attention of consumers is no small feat. To that end, we’ve gathered seven on-trend strategies that are easy to incorporate into your current marketing strategy and will have your content looking more relevant and your engagement numbers increasing in no time.

1. Slow Down and Set Goals

You may be excited at the prospect of giving your social media a bit of a refresh and building brand awareness, but before you start switching things up, take some time to decide exactly what you want to achieve when you implement new strategies?

Increase your number of followers?

Boost revenue through social media-based sales?

Decide on goals…and make them specific as this makes them easier to measure. Perhaps, instead of having a goal to increase followers, you set a goal to increase followers by 15%. Same goes for social media-based sales—by setting specific and measurable goals, you’ll be better able to assess which social media marketing trends are working for you…and which need to be swapped out for something else.

2. If You Don’t Have a Stylised Theme…Get One

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Some of the most popular social media brands have one thing in common—a consistently stylised, on-brand theme for their social media posts.

Take the ethical impact home goods brand, Imani Collective, for example. A quick review of their Instagram account gives you a clear understanding of their style: light, bright, airy, and minimalistic with plenty of negative space.

Your social media feed should look equally cohesive. Photos and videos should be captured in similar lighting with the same filters used on each post. Doing so will make your brand instantly recognizable to your followers.

3. Create More Human (and Vulnerable) Content

Being you (or a well-branded version of yourself) in your social media is critical to building lasting relationships with followers. Let them see various aspects of your business. Don’t hesitate to express emotion or offer behind-the-scenes peeks at the inner workings of your business. Share a story about things going right…or going straight off the rails.

Some business owners fear being vulnerable in front of their audience, but followers appreciate knowing you have highs and lows just like the rest of us. So put yourself out there and let people in—you might be surprised how quickly your engagement skyrockets.

4. Start Using Stories

The Stories and Reels features on social media speak to our fear of missing out, so we’re much more likely to click on them when compared to regular feed. And, considering a whopping 50% of people say they have visited a website to purchase a product seen in Stories, it’s likely you’re missing out on sales if you aren’t using them.

Stories are a great way to show your product in action. Not only does this help viewers get familiar with your product, it also puts you or your representatives in front of your followers, building trust in your brand.

5. Turn Your Social Media into a Community

Followers don’t come to your social media pages to have aggressive sales tactics shoved down their throats. They come because they are curious about your business, and they stay when you create a platform that consistently engages them and benefits their lives in one way or another.

They are looking for a sense of community and, if you can create a close-knit vibe across your social media platforms, you’ll have the secret sauce for building a loyal following.

Engagement is key to building community. Ask questions of your followers and respond to their answers. Ask them for their opinions on relevant issues. Share relevant information that your followers will find valuable but that doesn’t promote your product or service. Such thoughtful giving builds trust amongst your community and nurtures brand loyalty

6. Keep Things Interesting by Mixing Up Content

Still shots that are well-branded can be compelling and engaging…but they can also get a little boring.

Switch things up by offering a variety of content in your feed. Add in appealing graphics, videos, and live events to diversify your content and humanise your brand.

7. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Micro-Influencers

Would it be great if we could pick up a Kim Kardashian-level influencer? Absolutely. Is it likely to happen? Not really. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use influencers at all.

Micro-influencers, those with 1,000 to 100,000 followers, have usually worked hard to build their loyal following and when they speak, followers usually purchase. It’s also much easier to hunt down micro-influencers and their services cost a fraction of what the Kim K’s of influencing charge.

And there you have it—seven tips to help you liven up your social media strategy. As always, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed at the idea of giving your strategy an overhaul or would like a bit of direction, contact us as Digital Canteen. You’ll find us professional, surprisingly affordable, and easy to work with. Together, we’ll craft stellar social media content that will build your audience and increase your engagement.

Here’s to taking your social media to the next level!

Thanks for reading,
Digital Canteen Team

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