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5 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Have in Place and Ready for 2022

5 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Have in Place and Ready for 2022

While it may seem early to be thinking about content marketing trends for 2022, the truth is 2021 will come to a close before we know it, and with its end the mad rush to get in on the fresh marketing trends of 2022 will inevitably ensue.

As Canadian American motivational speaker Brian Tracy once said, “Be prepared to ride the cycles and trends of life; success is never permanent, and failure is never final.”

As marketers, riding the wave of cycles and trends is our bread and butter so, though it may seem early to be thinking about content marketing strategies for 2022, the truth is you likely have your fourth-quarter strategies for 2021 locked into place…why not start planning for the upcoming year?

To that end, we’ve gathered some of the trends marketers and small business owners will be embracing in the upcoming year. Now is the time to familiarise yourself with them and incorporate them into your 2022 content marketing strategy.

1. Embrace AI Technology

Some business owners are intimidated by the idea of artificial intelligence (AI) playing a role in their marketing, but it can be a lifesaver when it comes to processing menial tasks without paying an employee to do it.

AI is essentially a group of processes that respond in a way that is similar to human reaction. It has the ability to make decisions and can be helpful to small business owners in the form of chat bots, which are used on websites and programmed to respond to customers needing general assistance using a series of algorithms and programmed scripts. AI can also be helpful in creating personalised content in emails for customers.

2. Create a Community

These days, people are looking for more than a convenient shopping experience—they want to be a part of something.

Community building is a multi-faceted endeavor for building brand loyalty and can include elements like a strong social media presence, engaging blogs, and a well-crafted email newsletter. Offering your followers exclusive access to industry-relevant webinars or downloadable e-books is another way to make them feel as though your brand is more interested in helping their community than they are in making sales.

While creating a community takes more than a little effort, the result is a group of customers who feel they are part of your brand’s family.

3. Repurpose Relevant Content

Perhaps you have an older blog that enjoyed a good bit of attention back in the day and whose information is still relevant to your industry. Rather than reposting the same blog, why not repurpose it? You might use the blog as a script for an informative video on the subject or use it as content for your next monthly newsletter.

The purpose of repurposing is to give older content a bit of a refresh, then put it out for new eyes, or in new ways that will draw the attention of new followers/viewers/customers.

4. Embrace “Story” Features on Social Media

The idea of posting content that remains visible for 24 hours before disappearing originated in Snapchat, but was quickly embraced by other social media platforms and heavily consumed by users. Over 500 million people watch or use Instagram stories every day, which means the audience is there and hungry for your content.

Stories allow you to post and engage with your audience more frequently without the pressure of creating sleek and polished videos or other content. The fact that stories are “raw” is part of the appeal.

Stories project a behind-the-scenes feel to followers and can help you build brand trust and loyalty. As followers become more familiar with your brand and see that you post regularly, they’ll begin looking forward to your posts, affording you the opportunity to be seen as a real leader within your industry.

5. Focus on the Customer’s Content Experience

The way your customer experiences your content can influence how they feel about your company and whether they’ll be back for more. Have you ever clicked on a link to read an article and found yourself bombarded with so many pop-up ads, discount offers, and/or email requests that you leave the site with a bad taste in your mouth and a decidedly negative opinion of the business?

Most people aren’t clicking on your content because they’re looking for a good read—they want to be educated about your business/products/services and they’re hoping you offer something that will make their lives easier. Your content—whether on your website, social media, or in email newsletters—should be convenient, easy to digest, and keep viewers engaged with your brand.

And so…

Even though 2022 is still a few months away, now is the right time to start planning your content marketing strategy for the new year. And if you find you need a little personalised guidance, contact us at Digital Canteen. Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your content is in tip-top shape and ready for 2022.

Thanks for reading,
Digital Canteen Team

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