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4 Tips To Get Your PPC Campaign Right

4 Tips To Get Your PPC Campaign Right

Many small businesses find it overwhelming to run PPC campaigns, and don’t go back to it after having set it up. But this is never a set-and-forget strategy. Your PPC strategy needs to be re-visited regularly and updated and tweaked constantly to be in sync with the latest market trends, new algorithms launched by search engines etc.

When was the last time you took a good look at your PPC marketing strategy?

All market research points to the fact that mobile and social advertising are at the helm of marketing trends; and the projection is that they will stay that way in the forthcoming year as well. Social networks consistently release advertising features that help brands connect with a larger audience and share their story. Here are some tips that will help you get your PPC campaign right:

#1 Focus on mobile PPC

Today, more people search via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets than from their desktop PCs. In simple words, growth in PPC advertising is now driven to a great degree by mobile device usage. This makes it crucial to ensure your campaigns are properly optimised for mobile users. Some of the things to focus on include:

  • Set up the “click-to-call” feature on all your ads- This allows users to click your contact number and connect with you immediately if they have any queries about your products and services.
  • Optimise all PPC landing pages for mobile devices- Without exception, all your landing pages should load extremely fast and be responsive. Internet users have a very short attention span and its only getting shorter. If your landing pages display poorly or load slowly, you will lose out on conversions.

Focusing on these steps above will ensure you are ready at all time to attract the growing number of users searching via mobile devices.

#2 Customer targeting and remarketing

A couple of years ago, the Customer Match PPC announcement was one of the most noticeable changes on the system. This allowed PPC marketers to target potential customers in AdWords using their emails. This gives you the functionality to complement your remarketing strategy with the Customer Match feature, ensuring that the ads reach customers on your lists whenever they’re online; this proves to be a very potent marketing tool.

#3 Pinterest ads

Last year, Pinterest launched a new feature that allows brands to upload and schedule their promoted pins in bulk. This means your Pinterest ads are opened up to a wider audience and allows you to reach consumers on the basis of keywords; Facebook ads don’t have this particular feature. With Pinterest ads some of the things you should pay attention to include:

  • Use CTAs (calls to actions) in your descriptions- this can significantly improve the conversion rates on all your promoted pins.
  • Prioritise keyword targeting- For every promoted pin, you are permitted to use up to 150 keywords. You can start off using 5-10 main keywords then expand the count from there.

#4 Ad Extensions

Sometime ago, Google announced that ad extensions will be based on ad position; and only ads in the top spots will be able to use and benefit from them. Some of the things you can do to improve your ad position include:

  • Add a map pointing to the location of your business; this is excellent for any local business.
  • Include product/service-related information such as pricing and rating.
  • Use the “sitelinks” links that lead to your website’s key internal pages.
  • Review the extensions that showcase positive feedback from customers.
  • Add “Deals” extensions for various major commercial holidays

Keeping in view that ad extensions improve your CTR (click-through rate), implementing the above mentioned pointers can help increase your visibility online significantly.

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