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3 Easy Ways To Create Awesome Content For Your Blog

3 Easy Ways To Create Awesome Content For Your Blog

It’s not too difficult to start a blog, but it takes considerably more effort to ensure it’s successful. The trick lies in getting people to read the blog; and that means the posts should be both informative and engaging. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds as long as you follow these pointers:

#1 Follow trends

People aren’t interested in old news and stale content; they want to be up to speed with the things that are happening around them; you should keep this aspect in view when you write any content. The simplest way is to conduct detailed keyword research for all the latest and trending topics related to your industry and products.

However, a traditional keyword search may not furnish the crucial information you need. You can make use of Google Trends – this tool allows you to type in up to 5 keywords at once to compare what their trend has been in the past hour; you can also find out what the trend and pattern has been several years ago. Aside from this, Google Trends can help you:

  • Find any related keywords that might be trending much better than the keywords you are using; this can give you various ideas for new content
  • Identify keywords that are on a downward trend, you may want to take out
  • Create a detailed content calendar based on the seasonal spike of specific keywords

#2 Create a catchy title

While the content of the blog should be interesting and provide value to the readers, the title of the blog holds a lot of weightage too. When you focus on creating a catchy title, it can:

  • Make the site more searchable
  • The titles, sub-titles and meta tags play a vital role in the manner in which search engines rank your blog posts
  • If you focus on creating organic content and add catchy titles, you stand a much better chance of ranking higher in the search results.
  • Your blog title is the first thing that viewers see when they search for a topic; this makes it important to complement the title with a good meta description, and ensure it has all the relevant keywords.
  • Create a short title with catchy yet simple words
  • Make the title specific and descriptive

#3 Stick to your specific niche

One of the most important things is to write on topics you have expertise in. You’d be surprised to learn that even the most mundane topics can prove to be crowd-pullers if you are able to add value to the content by making your voice and opinions shine through your words. Use your deep knowledge of your industry to provide valuable advice and insights that will prove to be valuable to the readers. When you stick to your niche, you are able to:

  • Be confident and enjoy writing the blog post
  • Persist and continue writing even if the blog doesn’t get too many visitors at the outset
  • There will always be something you would want to write about
  • Be genuine and don’t fake your interest or knowledge

It is a fact that readers online have short attention spans; it’s why many experts believe that short blog posts are more effective. However there are some online marketing veterans who firmly maintain that long-form content always delivers more value to the readers. It’s a good idea to balance your blog well with a combination of short and lengthier articles. Invite comments, encourage discussions and make it a point to respond to any comments that readers have posted.

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