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Improve Visibility with Search Engine Marketing

Where does Search Engine Marketing come in?

Search Engine Marketing is the strategy used to create those paid ads and place them on SERPS through the AdWords platform. Marketers will create an optimised ad copy with appealing text and keywords, place a bid on the most effective keywords, and then send the ad live. The marketers will also consider all your existing ads and optimise them to ensure they provide the best results.


People find your website through a number of different sources but most of your traffic will come from organic search and paid search. If the prospective customers come through organic search, they have typed a keyword and seen your website listed at the top of the search engine results page. If the prospective customers have come through paid search, they have searched a keyword and triggered your ad. This ad appears at the top of the search engines results pages and immediately catches the user’s attention.

Our comprehensive services include


Pay per click Advertising



Social media Marketing


We will target different keywords, set a limit for the number of clicks to control the expense, and then set the ad live. This strategy can help new businesses get some recognition online

How does Search Engine Marketing work?

The first step is to create a landing page that will act as the destination for the ad link. This landing page contains information regarding the product or service mentioned in the ad. Once the landing page is designed, the marketers will create an appealing ad copy that encourages people to click on it. AdWords will take care of the rest and collect all the data you might need to check the performance of the ads.

Why is SEM important?

Organic marketing strategies like SEO take time and effort while SEM provides immediate visibility. Once your ad is live, you’ll see paid traffic flow into your website almost immediately. If your ad and your landing pages are convincing enough, you’ll see increased number of leads and more profit quickly.



The AdWords platform looks pretty straightforward so people can learn how to use it; but it takes time to understand all of its features and advantages. It’s easy to spend too much money on the platform for negligible results, which is why hiring a professional is a good idea.

At Digital Canteen, we create the most effective ad campaigns with great ROI. We also monitor the campaigns to ensure they continue to deliver good results. We will revise and optimise the campaign again if we notice the ad isn’t providing good results.