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Get Personal With Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email has been around for a long time and it has been used for marketing for a long time as well. It’s an excellent tool to communicate with your target audiences directly and establish a rapport with them. Many modern digital marketers mistakenly believe that email marketing has become obsolete and focus on other aspects of marketing, but statistics and surveys prove otherwise. Email marketing still provides great results if you have the right approach.


Email marketing is the use of emails to establish a relationship with target audiences and promote your business. The marketer’s goal is to keep the subscriber base engaged and responsive with regular emails and content. Email marketing has evolved considerably over time and it’s no longer about monthly newsletters with announcements of sales and discounts. It’s now about email engaging audiences with graphics, videos, and other such informative content.

Our comprehensive services include


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Social media Marketing


It’s very affordable but can provide excellent returns on your investment. It doesn’t cost much to maintain a relationship with a subscriber for several years because you maintain your visibility as well.

How does it work?

Email marketing, specifically email mass marketing requires maintaining a consistent brand message in all your interactions with your target audience. Whether you’re responding to your customer’s emailed enquiries or sending mass marketing emails, the brand message and voice needs to be the same. Mass email marketers know how to achieve this result. They also understand the mathematics behind conversions and will implement the right strategy to get the most from your target audience.

Why should email marketing be a part of your strategy?

Email marketing is one of the few modern strategies that allow you to communicate directly with the customer. If the subscriber does require your services, you’ll be the first entity to enter their mind. You just need to be consistent and keep sending emails on a reasonable schedule because you will see results eventually.


Can you handle email marketing yourself?

There are several tools available online that help you manage mass email marketing but this process still requires some human input. If your email doesn’t have the right subject line or content, you won’t get many leads or conversions. A great email marketer will create appealing emails and ensure they reach the target audience at the right time.
At Digital Canteen, we consider your brand voice, goals, and target audience and create an email marketing campaign that works for your benefit. Our solutions will provide good ROI and help you build a larger, more consistent customer base.