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What Is Conversion Tracking And Why Does It Matter?

What Is Conversion Tracking And Why Does It Matter?

To ensure that you achieve your desired results in any aspect of your business, it is crucial that you have specific goals set. This is especially true when it comes to digital marketing. Today, most businesses have websites because they need to, but they have no idea about exactly what they’re trying to achieve. This results in them being unsure about what to do when they have to introduce new online campaigns or tweak existing ones.

Conversion tracking is a tool that allows you to see what happens after a customer engages with an ad – whether they purchased a product, downloaded your app, subscribed to your newsletter, or called your business. Specific customer actions that you’ve defined as valuable are called conversions.

Implementing tracking campaigns can get technical, as conversion tracking makes it easy to set things in place without too much trouble. Tracking ensures that you get positive and reliable results in your online campaigns, which proves to be extremely beneficial for your business.

What’s The Fuss All About?

It is essential to know that digital marketing is all about data. Everyone is online in today’s world, and the only way you can offer your customers better service is by getting valuable data about their engagement. Every engagement between you and your customers online can be tracked. In case you haven’t set up conversion tracking before starting your digital campaign, you are wasting valuable data and a considerable amount of money.

Conversion tracking is incredibly useful. However, it is crucial that you set a clear and achievable goal for your online campaign. This gives you a gauge by which you can measure the success of your online campaign. Also, it also presents you with further information about what’s valuable to your customers and what isn’t.

Based on this information, you can make changes to your future campaigns. Conversion tracking allows you to see what’s working and what needs changing. Without it, you’re sprinting towards unclear goals and losing a significant amount of money and information in the process.

Where To Begin?

Google Analytics is the most common tracking tool, which helps you examine all online campaigns and gather information about their performance. This can prove to be a great start. However, there’s much more than you can do to collect substantial data which will be extremely valuable to your business. Enter Google Tag Manager…

This tool allows you to apply specific tags, which are bits of code. You can use them on your web site’s HTML or JavaScript to extract information. Each tag can track different things. This information could include:

  • Form submissions
  • The links users clicked
  • How long users visit a page on your website
  • How a user arrived on your site
  • Products that were removed from their shopping cart

The great thing about Tag Manager is that the process of tagging is made extremely easy and much more accessible to less tech-savvy marketers. There is no need to code the tags manually. Once you embed code into your website, Tag Manager will code and insert future tags for you.

Conversion Tracking For Digital Campaign Success

Goal setting and conversion tracking are two of the most important things you need to implement to ensure that you run a successful online campaign,  Your website gives you infinite amounts of data, and all you have to do is utilise it well. It’s a good idea to hire professionals for all aspects of your digital campaigns and analysis including conversion tracking.

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