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4 Features You Should be Using with Your LinkedIn Company Page
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4 Features You Should be Using with Your LinkedIn Company Page

In today’s ever-changing world of social media platforms, you may be wondering if having a presence on LinkedIn still matters. The short answer is…most definitely.

With more than 700 million users, LinkedIn has become the most renowned online business hub for networking and job searching. But having a personal page on LinkedIn isn’t enough—you should also have a page set up for your business.

Creating a well-branded company page allows you to connect with followers and turn them into customers. When executed correctly, your company page can build both brand loyalty and meaningful relationships with your audience.

Sounds pretty great, right?

It is—but here’s the trick. Creating a good company page requires a little effort, especially when it comes to taking advantage of certain features not everyone knows about. And because we want you to be set up for success, we’ve created a list of our favorite four features you should be using with your LinkedIn company page.

Let’s dive in!

Take Advantage of Target Audience Settings

Let’s say you’re planning a local event at your brick-and-mortar shop. Perhaps it’s a storewide sale with local food trucks setting up in your parking lot. Under these circumstances, the people most interested in this event will be locals…so why not target your marketing about the sale to those who are most likely to attend?

LinkedIn allows you to segment your audience into surprisingly specific categories including language, seniority, location, and industry. Taking advantage of the target audience settings is beneficial on a number of fronts. First, you’re getting your posts in front of those who are most interested, and second, those who live outside of your local area won’t have their feed bombarded with posts about an event they cannot attend.


Are you familiar with the “stories” feature? Stories allow you to post short (typically 10 – 15 second) clips that, unlike posts to your feed, disappear within 24 hours. While the feature originated on the teen-centric platform Snapchat, its viral popularity caused other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to adopt their own versions.

LinkedIn stories are perfect for humanising your brand, and they allow you to pull the professional curtain back a bit, showing followers a peek at the inner workings of your company.

Another benefit? Followers can interact privately with your company. Unlike a comment left on a post in your regular feed, comments made to your stories are visible only to the company. This creates a unique opportunity for followers to engage in meaningful dialogue with your organisation and for you to build your reputation as an expert in your field.


While the ability to poll your followers is nothing new for LinkedIn it remains an excellent way to keep your finger on the pulse of your audience.

Polls are easy to set up (if you need a little guidance, the gurus at LinkedIn have posted a handy poll-posting tutorial you can read here) and can be used for a variety of reasons. Are you curious about what kind of content your audience is interested in? Why not ask them? Are you wondering how customers feel about your latest product or service launch? Create a poll to collect honest feedback. Are you curious about the level of interest your followers have in attending that online event you’ve considered hosting? You get the idea. Polls are a wonderfully versatile feature that help you market your company more effectively.

Speaking of Events…

We’ve mentioned both in-person and online events in this blog, so it seems only natural to use the events feature of LinkedIn to promote both types of gatherings. Once again, setting up events on LinkedIn is not a new feature, but it is one that is often

One of the biggest perks of hosting an online LinkedIn event is the fact that it is wonderfully cost-effective. While you have the option of paying for ads or to increase post visibility, it’s not required to create an event. And LinkedIn keeps track of who has RSVP’d and sends out event reminders on your behalf at intervals you determine.

Online events you can host might include virtual seminars or workshops where you get to share your wealth of knowledge and establish yourself as an expert within your industry.

In-person events could include the same type of professional seminars or a meet-and-greet where those interested in your company get to meet you and your employees in person.

And so…

Do yourself a favor and start taking advantage of all the wonderful features available on your LinkedIn company page. And if you find you’d like a little professional guidance, we hope you’ll contact us at Digital Canteen. Our team of pros is ready and waiting to help you build the connections that are integral to your success.

Thanks for reading,
Digital Canteen Team

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